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5/8/2003 c1 hazy
hey! I'm really impressed by all your poems and stories. They're really cool and mushy! Please post more and let your creativity bloom! ^_^
5/7/2003 c1 10A Stranger In The Mirror
this is just one thing I really love... Writing reviews of my friends.. After you guys thought that Margaret's reviews were going to be long, just watch out on how this one is going to be since I can really relate with this poem...

Yeah, why is it like that? When girls are out of a guys life, that's the only time when they come forth to you and tell you how much they need you?... Kinda dumb, right? I mean, if that's the case, there shouldn't be any existing relationships if men only recognize a woman's worth once the women are out of their goddamn lives.. I mean, I had -toot- treat me like a piece of shit... And after a while, he texts me and tells me how much his world turns crappy when I am not in his life... Sound familiar? Thought so.. I might have shared this one with you already.. But hey, I just had to decide whether or not it was right to take him back...

And lemme tell ya something else, boys have that way of making girls feel sorry for them and making them be the 'interior' one in the relationship.. I mean, why do guys have to ask what girls want when they are the upper-hand in the relationship? And why is it allowed for guys to cheat on their girlfriends when it's not allowed for girls to cheat on their boyfriends? Or are both not allowed? Hehe...

This one sucky guy texted me one day and said he was suspended from school because he was caught doing PDA with some girl... To be exact, he was french- kissing with her... What does that have to do with anything? Well, that guy happened to be in a relationship with me that time.. And after he told me that, he said 'sorry' and asked for my apology.. The stupid thing was, I accepted his apology when deep down inside, I was hurt and I wanted this guy to get lost because he cheated on me.. Someday, I'll tell him.. But not at the moment, we've shared 7 months together...

Anyways, as a friend and as a fellow writer (or should I say, poet).. I wanna congratulate you for the job well done in writing this poem.. You have really got what it takes to graduate Valedictorian in the batch.. And, I'm still wondering.. Why did I walk away with the 'Best In English' award during 6th grade? Stupid wankers! They really couldn't see who the best writer was... Thank God Ivan'and Mr. Paz weren't there yet.. And if Mr. Paz were our English teacher, he would surely give Ivan the award and let him walk away with the Valedictory spot... Toodles!

God Made Coke

God Made Pepsi

God Made Duncan James and James Bourne (of Busted)


One Love,

Alyssa xx

P.S. I'm really missing you for the summer, girl! See ya when we get back in school!
4/25/2003 c1 8mskitsune
heya! it's me! i have a story and one poem here in fp.net! please check it out and tell me what you think!

2/7/2003 c1 17Alex'z Death Chic
Great rhymes... ugh... you make me feel incompetent... its like I don't want to post my new poem now... and it's all you fault... Hmph.. coz your poem was frigging COOL!
2/7/2003 c1 1fayt of houkiboshi
I totally know how that feels. It's good to see people are writing things based on things going on today. It's a great poem. Keep writing.

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