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6/22/2011 c3 ProudToBeGerman
DUDE! Dude! What cliche crazed mind do you have! That whole "find true love, get angel wings" thing is so cheesy, that it rivals those kids riding spiders, who kept shouting "aracna power!" left and right! Dude, I thought you were better than THAT! (mutters idiot in German)
7/1/2008 c5 170.0 NightRiders 0.0
oh my god


and what is up with the rule nc17? - wth is up with that? there is no such rule that stakes that an author cannot post explicit sexual interactions between two characters

and wheres the epiloguE?

lol and whats youre emeail? i like the story, original
1/12/2004 c1 punkrockprincess900
wow i really like this i thought it sounded a bit odd but i love it!
7/27/2003 c4 Aries Jordan
Damn it!
7/27/2003 c3 Aries Jordan
Damn it. I hoped that this wouldn't happen. I swear every time a story gets good the author throws in sex with a man and it spoils it (for me anyway). I feel that a fantasy story like this should not have to do that like most true storys do.
7/27/2003 c2 Aries Jordan
That's so sweet. You are very good at writing lesbian love abd beleive me I know a lot about lesbians, just read my bio.
7/27/2003 c1 Aries Jordan
I really like the story so far. I don't know it just seems...fun I guess.
5/13/2003 c3 Person
Hey Morg! Wicked story, I'm tired as hell though, so I'll finish reading it tomorrow!
3/19/2003 c1 anon
actually you can put in that stuff i've left lemons in my stuff and have yet to get them deleted
3/13/2003 c5 5Nonki
Even without chapter 4 (kinda disappointed though, :P) This is really a nice story! Had my eyes glued all the way from chapter 1 to 5.

Keep writing! ^_^
3/11/2003 c5 1Tony Martel
that's so beautiful. (sniff)
3/8/2003 c5 1Ruff Luv
Oi, this story is great! Its surprisingly different, but it's difference is charming. Too bad chapter 4 wasn't up, I would have loved to see it. Ah well. Looking forward to ch. 6!
3/7/2003 c5 2yurigirl
What can I say? Alas, I wasn't able to read the fourth chapter, which is a bit of a downer, but that aside, I really love these characters! It stands very well on it's own right now, but if you're planning to write new chapters, then I'm hungry to read them! :)
2/21/2003 c4 2Aithene
Wow. :0 that was the best(i think)
2/21/2003 c4 Guest
omg. fuckin bitch. write some more god damn lemon already! u got my pants wet.
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