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for Bound by blood

4/7/2005 c11 5clair-a-net
This is good stuff. Why are you making them leave her. Please update soon. Can't wait. clair_a_net
3/6/2005 c11 7tickle-me-pretty15
i think ive been neglecting to tell you to update. So im going to keep it short ans simple UPDATE PLEASE!
1/2/2005 c11 6Sabeline Malenfant
o.o that is *not* cool. you can't end it there!
12/29/2004 c1 starr
i was just wondering if you are aware that your characters all sound like people from gundam wing. or specifically the kids from the characters except for yours?
12/28/2004 c1 2brittanysr
This is a cool story, can't wait to finish it...btw, I lub the Alex Rider stories as well


12/27/2004 c10 7tickle-me-pretty15
hey another chapter you quoted a review eq2uals a chapter so please please more~tickles~
12/23/2004 c5 tickle-me-pretty15
this is a good story. i hope that there will be more
6/15/2004 c10 blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
ok i am a new reviewer so i really hope that you update, and i hope you do good with trying to get your story published, keep up the good writing. oh i have a question if i review each and every one of your chapters does that mean a chapter each review, becaue that would be really cool
Melshenia Kari
2/22/2004 c10 DevilS MaY Cry
This is the best story i've read so far! and if what you said is true-every review is one more chapter- i will be glad to submit 100 reviews so u keep on writing this story. just watch you spelling, you spell one word when you mean another.
9/30/2003 c3 MidnightOcean
it was a nice story but then this part is totally unrealistic. not to mention that if she has been trained to hurt people he wouldnt have shoved her out of the class so easily
9/28/2003 c10 bron
so what happened to updating everytime someone reviewed? last tim i checked there were more than ten, and im adding another *wink wink* its a good story, so update soon mmk?
9/16/2003 c10 lullaby
wo! sweetos story. i love it! UPDATE SOON!
9/13/2003 c10 dancerdruggie
hey, its really good you got up to nine! wow! i only just checked it again then. Its really really good
9/11/2003 c10 birdy lover
9/9/2003 c10 noggin
oh yeah. i love it. keep on
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