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for Bound by blood

9/7/2003 c10 crumpetboy
hey, its good. keep on :)
8/30/2003 c10 lullaby
i like it! keep going! and dont u dare take yrs to update:P
8/28/2003 c10 sorcerer
uh huh. its good. check your spelling though, things like quiet. keep on and UPDATE SOON!
8/23/2003 c9 bron
wo yeah. i love it. do i sense some mj/conner action goin on? kepp updating!
5/18/2003 c9 6Sabeline Malenfant
this is really really good! i love it!
4/23/2003 c6 23Red Moon Kree
Awesome three chapters, once again! i cant believe i missed them on the updated before...but they're sweet! hope you'll update soon!
3/17/2003 c1 1S.Phire
Hey, this is a really cool story. I think I'm gunna like it. ^-^ I KNOW I'm going to like it actually. ^_^ Keep up the good work, I'll have to read more later. Right now I have a *TON* to do, and it's already late. See ya around! Bye!
3/9/2003 c3 2Neola
This is a really great story - keep it up! My only suggestion is when the main character, MJ, is talking to herself in her head, that you use single quotes - 'like this' so its easier to read and understand. Other than that, great job!

3/9/2003 c3 23Red Moon Kree
wow.awesome story! update soon
3/9/2003 c3 Aldinach Vampire
COOL COOL sweet story, cant wait for the update ^_^ UPDATE!
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