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for Slut Man and The Chronicles Therefore Of

3/10/2003 c11 Tsukino Chibiusa
Oh now I know what you were talking about.

Bravo, Johnny B! So sorry for acting so insane at TCBY tonight. By the way, I was pleased to come home and realize that my teeth aren't actually green.

Whee! Yay for slut man! Yah!
3/10/2003 c11 C.C. Lea
I love it! STD, protector of virginity. lol. Bravo. Tell us what will our hero do?
3/7/2003 c1 1PAIN
This is STD and I just wanted you to know you will never defeat me. Hahahahahhahhahahahahhah

ACK! damnit I hate when I swallow pretzels the wrong way.
3/7/2003 c10 C.C. Lea
This has to be the most blatantly chauvinistic and hilarious thing I've ever read! And I want to kiss you for writing it with such a heavy role reversal! Very funny in a Jerry Seinfeld meets Jerry Springer sort of way. I hope you have more.?
3/6/2003 c9 teehee
your a sick sick man.will you marry me?
3/5/2003 c2 Mahkan Tokah
gr john. cindy joe doesn't have a girlfriend for slut man to steal.ha..so take that. nenner nenner nenner. mwuahahahahaa. i have big plans for slut man. teehee.
3/4/2003 c1 Mahkan Tokah
lol this is funny john. but not funny enough to match my story. mwuahahaha. cindy joe the plumber slayer will kick you arse. besides, you have too many reviews and i will not contribute to the mindless reviewing of this story. so there.uh.uh.oh shoot..*push*
3/3/2003 c8 83Nails For Your Crucifix
Now he would actually find women in a comic book store. Well maybe. This gets better with each chapter. He cried like a heroic little girl. Just a question, is slut man hot? Of course he is. He's slut man.
3/3/2003 c7 Nails For Your Crucifix
*chuckle* STD stands for Super Tough Dude. This is very funny, they high point of my day. Oh that is so sad.
3/3/2003 c7 25John Enverga
Funny story! I liked it a lot!
3/3/2003 c1 Kana again
Dontcha just get the best ideas from camps? Band camp, which you can no longer say seriously without someone cracking up. Its just terrible for the male flutists. And friends.. ah friends, thats how such people came to be as the student messiah with the jingling balls. The town drunk who lives in a barrel on the nature trail. The unwritten rules of the whackos which in turn are written then erased, and the wonderful second rule, that the first and third whacko can bypass the rules if they go against their destructive nature.. bwaahahahaha. Anyway.. enough shameless self promotive babbling. The victories of Slut Man must continue! Hmm.. perhaps he could come across a gay man. does slut man ever get a side kick?
3/3/2003 c8 Kana Tiggyofthewind on fanfiction.net
YOU ARE A BLOODY GENIUS! MORE SLUT MAN! MORE MORE! My friends and i were surfing around looking for fics to read and one found this and recommended it to me. She said "Kana, this looks like your kind of fic." And thats just what it was! ITS GREAT! MARVELOUS! I GRANT UPON YOU ALL THE GOLD STARS IN ALL THE KINDERGARDEN CLASSES OF THE WORLD! YOU CAN EVEN HAVE ALL OF THE NOT SO GOOD BUT STILL UP THERE GREEN STARS! ONE SUCH AS YOU WILL NOT BE PINNED WITH THE RED STAR OF SHAME! THE RED STAR OF THE NOT SO GOOD BUT GIVEN A STAR ANYWAY BECAUSE ALL OTHERS GOT THE GOOD STARS! *clears throat* Sorry. got .. caught up in the moment. Please keep up the good work!
3/2/2003 c7 Riddles in the Dark
Ra! That was a good one. I love the way the mayor is reasonable for about five seconds and then goes nuts whenever Wiggy says "pain."

I'm feeling enraged today.
3/2/2003 c5 DeadlyAngel2004
Hehe, this is hilarious John, keep it coming. I love all the cracks in it. Although the cup of joe thing isn't that funny. *shrugs* oh well, other then that it grat, update soon.
2/28/2003 c5 27J. P. Krumbine
I'm liking what I see so far (the unspeakable evil, spawned of the devil, but once Michael Jackson left it was a quiet night - priceless!)

My only complaints lie in the way you write - and I'm not quite sure how to put this, but I think that in time your stories will "mature".

Loved Bruce Cambell's cameo!
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