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for Slut Man and The Chronicles Therefore Of

2/22/2003 c4 6Nev
*giggle* Very cute idea for a superhero.

Funny thing is I used to know two boy crazy girls names Christy and Jenn.weird.
2/21/2003 c5 83Nails For Your Crucifix
LOL each chapter is better than the last. Nuclear fused condoms? That kind of scared me however. Oh well, quality remains.
2/21/2003 c4 Nails For Your Crucifix
"My DNA feels spliced." This is very funny and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for slut man. Platypus warts heehee. And he wanted to leave the book wrestling ring meaning he is not like some of my friends. Keep writing.
2/21/2003 c3 Nails For Your Crucifix
Love the way that he turned into slut man. Heehee a radioactive bite to the crotch. I also want to write the "Eating Librarians for Dummies" book. That is my goal in life.
2/21/2003 c3 Riddles in the Dark
M. cranium. You'll have to forgive me; I'm still a little hungry from last night. Eating Librarians for Dummies! God sakes, this is better than a lot of published comedians I've read. All right Bruce Campbell! Great ending. You're good at wrapping things up with a bang. Is slut man available? I mean, is he dating anyone?
2/20/2003 c4 3Fighter
JOHN INK.how come I can't find any of that for my pen huh?.this is crap man.u know, me and slut man went to a movie one time.even I wanted to touch his sword.he is such a player
2/18/2003 c2 Tsukino Chibiusa
Hello John! So I read the story! mah! Hooray for slut man! write more! mah!

well right now I am at your house writing a review. You and Adam just got done playing with your furby yoda thing. And Johnny B.you have problems.

You're such a funny guy! And I'm going to log out now so you can't hack into my account!
2/16/2003 c1 Riddles in the Dark
A bicycle. wow, this guy is HOT STUFF. Michael Jackson! Oh, cor, that's funny. Can you tell I'm reading this as I comment? And the Nuclear Research Laboratory is across the street. How convenient!

I can see you've thoroughly researched the jargon of nuclear scientists: "That's acuz we used our machine on them!" It just gives that sense of tension that only obscure scientific terms can generate.

Oh. and your technical errors are charming.
2/15/2003 c2 83Nails For Your Crucifix
You must have been bored during this chapter. Oh well. Still on pins and needles until the next one. Quality remains in this story and everyone needs humor in their life. Thanx for putting some in mine.
2/15/2003 c1 Nails For Your Crucifix
LOL I love this. Absolutely fantastic. I like the idea of a superhero slut man. Very inventive. You just gave me an idea. Maybe I'll write it. Great job. Please write more.
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