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for Slut Man and The Chronicles Therefore Of

8/23/2003 c28 Katers
Aww, I'm sorry you don't feel well. My big bro just left for college a couple days ago... My mom is very depressed now.

I hope you feel better and:

This chapter WAS funny! Don't kid yourself!:

"Yes, that is right. Our hero is a pathetic wiener."

Perfect closing line.

8/23/2003 c28 11NewbiaTheElf
Lol! Very funny, glad there could be more chapters :)
8/21/2003 c28 dreamer4alwayz
too lazy to sign in. Still a good chapter though. Sad that you won't be continuing this for a while. Oh well. Hope there's a next chapter.
8/21/2003 c28 dreamer4alwayz
too lazy to sign in. Still a good chapter though. Sad that you won't be continuing this for a while. Oh well. Hope there's a next chapter.
8/21/2003 c28 Terragon
Yay! I'm the 1th person to review! So happy! Yay! Our hero is a pathetic weiner! Yay! I don't know why I'm writing all these sentences with exclamation marks after them! Yay! ^_^
8/21/2003 c27 Terragon
tee hee! I love it! Bill Gates is evil. I always knew!
8/17/2003 c17 55Del Felesif
Since they only let you review a chapter once. I'm gonna say something that doesn't interest anyone.

8/1/2003 c27 7Katers
Well, i am very proud of myself for getting through and finishing what you've got here.

It was as much fun as watching squirrels fight over a stick. (I've seen it! and i am easily amused. But to no insult to you!)

Yes, indeedy... I read this and I am filled with mirth.

8/1/2003 c26 Katers
"Umm... all right. How do you keep you're head so... bald?"

Tweenki glared at our hero, "I have some reverse Rogaine. It's called Eniagor. I mixed it myself."

hee hee yeah...and shower he did.

8/1/2003 c6 Katers
condom nuclear fusion...

Let's jus' leave it at that...

8/1/2003 c5 Katers
"A wart on the platypus of humanity"?

I know I said I wouldn't review _every_ chapter but hey...

hehe stuffing in his sleep...

And i can never call someone a skank-whore without cracking a smile.

8/1/2003 c4 Katers
Don't expect me to review every chapter 'cause there's almost thirty of the little buggers...

But here are my two favorite lines for this particular one:

-"BRAINS!" Ms. Brains was angry.

-Rick screeched in pain heroically!

Okay, three lines...

-The slut loosened her radioactive jaw, fell on her radioactive back, and died a radioactive death.

hee hee okay that's enough, I could keep going but man i've gotta cut back...

8/1/2003 c3 Katers
I could so see this being a movie or comic book...

8/1/2003 c2 Katers
It took me forever to overthrow my laziness to finally read this story.

But upon reading the first line, I promptly began kicking myself for my insolent procrastination (pretend that made sense. It would make me very happy).

"Out-sex a speeding bullet". wow.

"I have to resort to talking to myself to keep the plot moving!" Hee hee yeah...

"Someone evil beyond all human concept, birthed from the devil himself, sent to destroy the minds of young children and adults alike. But, after Michael Jackson left, it was a pretty quiet night." Darn it, I can see right now, I'm gonna have a heck of a lot of favorite lines...

AND I was just gonna read the first chapter, but no, you have to be funny!

great, here i go... to the next one...

7/11/2003 c27 83Nails For Your Crucifix
LOL I always read this story when I need a good laugh. And if Slut Man is weak agains the village people, is his weakness also Richard Simons? Just asking. I've always been scared to Richard Simons. And the last line, "Thinking is over rated." sounds like something one would read in a book like 1984. Too true too true. Nice job with this chapter. Please write more.
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