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for Slut Man and The Chronicles Therefore Of

7/10/2003 c27 JJ la-di-da-di
STD. Baking cookies. Yeah. Good job.
7/10/2003 c27 2Green Cricket
*Is laughing so hard.* I just thought that STD was just too stupid to ever pick up anyone! Wow. He should get Viagra or something! OO! It's a great new weapon for Slut Man!

7/10/2003 c27 55Del Felesif
First, I must say HAHAHA! Then I must say, HAHAHA! Then I must go back to playing my gameboy.
7/8/2003 c24 1Malissa Michelle White
Sex bacon? *Still laughing* I dunno if you came up with the super hero writing stuff, but your funny. Thanx for the review, and thanks for giggling. I'm not really that funny, only in my head, so this was my first crack at it. Anywho, me like-e-like-e.

Sex bacon...
7/7/2003 c27 Starbrat
Funny, as usual.
7/3/2003 c3 4disneydiva89
LOL! i love it! so funny so far, i cant wait to keep readin :) *smiles excitedly as she goes on to next chappie*

7/3/2003 c26 55Del Felesif
Wow, that was crazier than last chapter.
7/3/2003 c26 13Roz
This story is so smegging funny!

Have i ever told u u remind me of Terry Pratchett mixed with Grant Naylor?

Do you even know them?

Uh...do you read?

Oh...can u read?

Nah! Just joking with ya!

Keep the story going! Its funny as!
6/29/2003 c3 2Fresh-AngelBabe
Oi...that's unique alright.

I hate the word unique. It's so overused...oh, well. Your story is actually unique, unlike everyone who claims they're unique when they aren't.
6/27/2003 c26 83Nails For Your Crucifix
Another magnigificent chapter. And celibacy is the worst of all sexual perversions. And the Japanese guy is so cool. The Japanese guy if they ever appear in these types of stories is always really great especially if he fills the stereotypical monk role. Wonderful job. I can't wait for the next chapter.
6/25/2003 c25 Starbrat
Ah, Bill Gates!
6/24/2003 c25 Nails For Your Crucifix
ROFL! Still very strange but the quality still remains. I've never thought of it before but 3 tongues may be a bit of a turnon. And Bill Gates is funny. Great job.
6/24/2003 c25 Light of Day
Where on earth do you come up with these things? Still very amusing, though.
6/24/2003 c9 Light of Day
This story is quite amusing. I must say that you have succeeded in your goal to amuse your readers. I'm certainly amused. :-D
6/23/2003 c25 55Del Felesif
Finally. Nice. Okay. Whatever. You better write the next one quickly!
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