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for Slut Man and The Chronicles Therefore Of

5/11/2003 c21 1Lauren K
This is very funny, as I have already said. Please update! However gross, weird and other things the story is, it's always hilariously funny.

5/10/2003 c21 55Del Felesif
Where do you come up with this stuff? Do you come up with it in the bathroom like me? 'Cause a lot of my ideas came from the toilet. Tell me where you came up with the ideas.
5/9/2003 c3 August Rhapsody
HAHAHAHAHA this is so wierd, I'm totally loving it! Go slut man!
5/8/2003 c20 1TheDeityOfFunDinner
Gasp! No! StD is invincible! (how fitting) Hm.. I watched an episode of unsolved mysteries once where this girl was stabbed to deat with scizzors.. But seriously, who stabs anyone with scizors, I mean, sure, your already killing someone, but why make it with a pair of scizors? It'd take like forever, and can you imagine how many time's you'd have to stab them? Not to mention all your dna evidence you'd accidently leave in doing so. And you'd have to stab hard and violently, cuz, well, you know,they're scizors, being that in order to stab someone to death with a pair of scissors, you are now stabbing like an un-hand-eye-coordinated lunatic, you're probably going to accidently stab yourself a few times? Right? So now, with your hard, violent stabbing,you've stabbed your hand.. Which is going to leave a blood sample. Hell, now what?

I'm sorry, but if your going to kill someone, do it right... get a wood chip chip chipper upper!

Yes yes! Buwahhahwhahhawhwhahahhaha

Ahem.. oh right, good chapter.



-The Deity of Fun dinner-
5/8/2003 c20 dreamer4alwayz
Too lazy to sign in. Um that was interesting. I liked it. Avril Lavigne yucky. Anyway, good job.
5/8/2003 c20 Jhonas
I didn't sign the e-mail because I'm too lazy to enter my password and stuff. Is Super Tough Dude's wife gonna be PMS? (Positively Moronic Strongwoman) WRITE THE NEXT STORY QUICKLY!
5/7/2003 c20 11NewbiaTheElf
"What's wrong with that guy? Dr... I'm Slut Man. Girls want me. Raa, he just can't start dressing like the opposite sex, then suddenly be considered sexy! Who does he think he is? Avril Lavigne?"

What do you mean by that?Avril RULES!This chapter wasn't even funny.
5/7/2003 c20 2Green Cricket
I'm sorry but I love this story 'cause it reminds me of my life, sadly. Dang, sluts get all the attention! ;) Keep going but it'd help if Slut man was more of a...what's the right word?... OH! Hooker! ;)

5/7/2003 c8 1Lauren K
This is absolutely HILARIOUS! I'm laughing all over the place. I love STD. Very, extremely funny. I will come read more...later when I don't have a buttload of homework

5/2/2003 c15 11NewbiaTheElf
This is the funniest chapter in the whole story,exept for the fact that DIET COKE RULES!

"Oh, yes. I've been worried about you. Are you all right? Since you trip to the hospital, you've been acting different. I keep finding holes in the walls, I'm running out of places to hide bodies, and you seem even stupider than usual! What's wrong?"

"I know you cheated on me and I'm sure your well aware that I would have left you along time ago if you hadn't had all this money. But, I'm still worried about you. You seem very mean and strong, and I don't know if you could be killed if, say, I wanted to collect on you life insurance. It might be more of a challenge, now."

PRICELESS.And the clue thing was too.

Erin-Yes,Joe took over Steve.Did Steve really commit suicide?I thought he was fired for smoking.Fors a kids show,this sure is drama-like and deep.*nods*Yesh,yesh it is.
4/27/2003 c19 dreamer4alwayz
LOL! So funny. I love that slut man's arch enemy is STD. Keep writing.
4/27/2003 c18 dreamer4alwayz
too lazy to sign in...Heehee. This is great. Love your work. Great job. Thank you for the email about this.
4/26/2003 c19 NewbiaTheElf
Funniest damn thing ever,you sexy baby you :p
4/12/2003 c18 55Del Felesif
You should give Slut Man a side-kick, Pimp Woman! And Super Tough Dude should get an assistant, Positively Moronic Strongwoman! They should get in a cat fight too.
4/12/2003 c8 Del Felesif
I never let you use the name C S Squad! But who cares? HA HA HA!
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