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for Slut Man and The Chronicles Therefore Of

3/30/2003 c16 1TheDeityOfFunDinner
Okie! First of all, good, funny chapter. Anyway, I was wandering, what does anata wa seiken no saru, mean?

I attempted to translate it (bare in mind that my translating skills are at about a zero), and all I could get was...


'You left behind a political veiwing monkey'

..and.. I'm gonna assume that wasn't it..

Anyway, Update soon!

3/29/2003 c15 6Nev
"I know you cheated on me and I'm sure your well aware that I would have left you along time ago if you hadn't had all this money. But, I'm still worried about you. You seem very mean and strong, and I don't know if you could be killed if, say, I wanted to collect on you life insurance. It might be more of a challenge, now."

this is brillian stuff!
3/26/2003 c2 26FoxxieFantasy
? well then...lol...a bit...strange? LOL...well...anyway...pretty good
3/25/2003 c15 Tsukino Chibiusa
Whee! Rahh.

yay for you, your new native american nickname is "Has problems."

3/24/2003 c15 JJ la-di-da-di
You suck. *takes drink of diet coke* You really do. Diet coke can kick your ass. Well, that being said, I've finally gotten around to reviewing your story. Funny, of course. (You're funny, John, you're funny!) You should write faster. (and learn to spell.) yeah. write more right now. ha.
3/23/2003 c14 Riddles in the Dark
Once again, an excellent parody of the old superhero stories. I never before understood how having the powers of a slut could be so useful. Provided the criminals are women, that is... I love the way the "safe" is unlocked. Have to dig that sexy librarian.
3/21/2003 c14 C.C. Lea
The epitome of goofy, these last three chapters. But funny nonetheless. Good job, Mr. Ink.
3/20/2003 c13 73aims80
Pretty funny story. Continue.

Luv Aims :)
3/19/2003 c11 Riddles in the Dark
Raa! The mayor's logic is irrefutable. I love the way the villain in this promotes celibacy, while the hero is a slut. It's a literary masterwork.
3/15/2003 c12 6Nev
"Kyle! Have you been starting cults in our basement again?"

Just catching up on your story. Its hilarious. I accidently joined a cult once, but thats another story.
3/15/2003 c10 Nev
"I just can't steal evil's girlfriend! "

3/14/2003 c12 Kana
Okay.. lots of time left in math class... lets see.. i'll do the review as i go along and read this thing.

...Oh Lord of Tacos? I thought that it was supposed to be Nachos... well at least thats what Khyren says... Of course.. he is the god of metal tikiness and nachos.. or something like that, he'll always accept nachos as a sutible sacrifice... Oh.. I don't like taco's.. anything that smells that bad can't be considered holy, but then who am i to say anything about that. But yeah.. hmm.. what else, i was going to ramble on to no point.. i do that well, its my job that i have.. or do, i don't quite remember ever getting paid for it.. which sucks. *blink* SACRIFICE! KILL! MURDER! BURNN! WHO CARES IF THE LIGHTS WENT OUT! FIRE GIVES LIGHT! BURN HER TO DEATH! Oh.. not a virgin.. nevermind LOLOLOL PINK SPANDEX! YOU HAD WARNED ME! BUT STILL! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA LOLOLOL TACO RELIGION! LED BY THE MASSES ON TACO TUESDAY! Until they realize that its useless finding a virgin with slut man around, he will ultimately kill them al! Or.. have sex with them, whichever works. Whoops.. random button pressing on the computer.. sorry. Aw poor guy, his cult was stopped... or.. went byebye. I remember when i have yet to start a cult, it is to be dedicated to Jonesy from Dreamcatcher.. of course that is that other cult.. To Jayden which is led by the webmistress Spidey Girl. It is dedicated to Jayden, Jareth's twin brother. I'm and altar girl.. i laugh at all of you looser other people lower than me. o.O 2.3 SECONDS! MY GOD! HE'S SLUT MAN! HE SHOULD BE ABLE TO LAST A HELL OF A LOT LONGER!
3/12/2003 c6 The Wadester
This story tottally sux. It lacks such important things as humor, chickens, and cheese. How could you possibly leave these things out. I can't believe you johnny. jeez.

P.S. (Don't you luv the opposite game ;)
3/12/2003 c8 pat
This os fuckin cool you kick fuckin ass!
3/11/2003 c12 1TheDeityOfFunDinner
A bit of a cynic are you? Very amusing, I appreciate your sense of humor. You do need to get a Beta reader though. Anyway, good story.

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