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3/21/2004 c1 3The Excessively Loud Waterfowl
hm...this could be interpretted in a figurative sense, you know...not so much literal as to what this king is going through, but rather see it as the narrator expressing his pain through a metaphor...he destroyed his life. His girlfriend left him, possibly for another guy, and he's denied his feelings for her to try and dull the pain. Perhaps it's the metaphor of a teenage boy that got involved in gangs and drugs...things used to be great, but he got involved in bad things, somebody else got his girlfriend, he denied his love for her, "demons" corrupt him...drugs, maybe? "This abyss", perhaps the vacuum of lies and deceit and wrong doing caused by that first lie or murder or cigarette? "My heart sings a song of death and sorrow/But the pleasure was all mine" Another hint towards drug abuse. He's in pain, both emotionally and physically, but it was a pleasure for him to cause it. And now,m he's been left alone because of this addiction that controls him. His dreams are soiled and his own deceit has taken over his life, forcing him into an enclosure (probably social)that he has no power to escape. Some one else must reach in and help him, but nobody will, and even if they would, he probably wouldn't take their assistance, would he?

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