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3/16/2013 c1 Guest
ummmm,thats ot thagreat...could use a little dry,PS. learn how too use italics
12/24/2008 c1 EllieandBrooke
Hey nice story. Keep it going, and don't worry. Your memory is in italics. I'm Brooke by the way, just making that clear.
11/6/2006 c5 XoLilSquirtoX
e i want more of this sexy vampire.. it realy inspires me! ha ha.. tell us.. what lies ahead?
9/16/2003 c5 I am Gone
That was just yummy!

I love your story.
9/16/2003 c5 20Xelena
aw, come on. you didn't have them properly kiss. and she wasn't able to seduce with her pretty strapless silky dress... what a ripoff. alas, i guess i'll just have to wait until the next chapter comes out, now won't I? pooie. oh, well. anyways, please continue ASAP.
9/16/2003 c3 Xelena
o. why do all these vampires keep coming after her? and how do her abilities as a gypsy come into play in this story? or rather, if and when will they come into play? they're so cute together. So KAKKOII! (that's super cute in japanese)
9/16/2003 c2 Xelena
aw, how sweet. that's so KAWAII!
9/15/2003 c5 golden-starburst-1709
hey... yupz... I never expected you to update... hehz... to be honest... I forgot all bout the plot... had to read it from chap 1 again... *embarrassed*... but anyway... neat chap and do update again... Soon... :P
9/15/2003 c5 Neilfatea
I'm impressed with the way you're building this up. The characters are gaining strength and body. The whose seducing who position is well written. Genuinely looking forward to the next chapter.
9/15/2003 c5 Rhoda
Excellent as always - but way too short! Vamps have got to be the sexiest demon-types out there...

Okay, constructive criticism time: This is just the English major in me talking, but you seem to shift tenses a lot, like going between past tense and present tense, when it's not necessarily appropriate. It's not a big deal, it's just a continuity thing. (And I might be the only one that's bothered by that sort of thing anyway.)

Other than that though, good stuff! Can't wait to read more!

9/12/2003 c3 Rhoda
Oh, yummy kiss scene! A little short, but you know how I love it when the sexual tension gets dragged out like this. Not bad! One question: Why are they together? I guess you're gonna explain more about their relationship later, but it's a little confusing right now. Anyway, I hope you do more soon! BTW, I have updated both of my stories if you want to read them. Latah!

9/11/2003 c1 Rhoda
Hey, it's me! I was up later than I shoulda been (big surprise) and thought I wander over here and check out one or both of your stories. I really like this so far - vampires rule! I'm hoping you get a little more specific in describing Haplo though; I have someone in mind I'd like to picture him as. Nice work!

-Rhoda ;)
9/6/2003 c3 Neilfatea
Never apologise for being complicated. If people are enjoying the story, they'll try to work it out for themselves. Don't compromise a story by trying to appel to the lowest denominator
7/27/2003 c3 Kirsten
hey ah! i LOVE this its soo good i cant wait to read more its GREAT! keep up the great writing and update soon! i wanna know what happens!:D
4/26/2003 c3 2Emerald Iceus

I loved it!

Very good story!
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