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4/13/2003 c3 golden-starburst-1709
hey, cool story... do continue... though is your plot gonna be centred on the 2 of them only,n or are you gonna introduce new complications as a result of him being a vampire prince? :)

really looking forward to your following chapters... =]
3/2/2003 c3 2Catrine M. Silverwolf
good work; keep it up. try to add more description of setting, but other than that, very good. update soon!
3/1/2003 c3 14A'monet
LoL. interesting. so what does he do?
2/28/2003 c3 2Rara Wolf
2/22/2003 c2 14A'monet
Hm. That last bit was somewhat confusing. But I like the concept. seems interesting. Hope you update soon!
2/18/2003 c1 10jingdono
Haplo as in the Patryn Haplo with the funky tattoos? I always liked him but I never liked the name much.

Otherwise I enjoyed reading this. I think, unfortunately there wasn't quite enough of it to get into the story properly, but what there was did make me curious as to what comes next.

two technical points:

1) quite a few of your sentences are not strictly sentences (ie containing a subject and a predicate/ verb phrase - blah, stupid english grammar) Of course, this is stylistic and you can choose to ignore it if you like. I often do.

2) punctuate dialogue like this:

"Hello," he said in a shy voice. (or)

"Hello." He said this in a shy voice. (or)

He said, "Hello," in a shy voice.

(but never)

"Hello." He said.

ah, I sound like a mean reviewer. But I obviously enjoyed it, otherwise I wouldn't bother to criticise.
2/17/2003 c1 1Glittery
sounds good so far, i want to know what happens!
2/17/2003 c1 12Alastair
This is great! Continue!
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