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for Day One : The Keyfic of DOOM

8/13/2005 c4 rachel
*rolling on floor laughing*.

you rock, you know that? really really rock.
1/31/2005 c4 2subtleline
dear GOD this is HILARIOUS! LMFAO. Luved it.
12/30/2004 c4 2Naomi Schemer
LMFAO...OMS, this is just so freakin funny! You must update!
11/14/2003 c4 5a bunny
Good GOD that is HILARIOUS. It's even funnier when read out loud at 11:00 PM, in a Southern accent. But...keyfic parody. Nyar. In a Southern accent. With...Bible...thumpers...excuse me while I go quietly...die of laughter...
5/18/2003 c4 rachel
2/18/2003 c2 6the blind visionary
this calls for.

the DOOM song!

::doom doom doom doom doom doom doom doom, doom doom doom doom doom doom, doomy doomy doomy doomy doom dom::

oh, the doomy goodness of it all.

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