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5/11/2017 c27 NostalgicTimes
Well, another year has passed...asked you to continue last May...now it's May 2017 haha. For all I know you could be dead...but if you're seeing this.. please respond.
5/25/2016 c27 Guest
Please tell me you're going to update...please
1/18/2015 c1 Chlo
Love this story so far. please keep writing, i would love to read to the end of the story.
1/31/2014 c11 Guest
daren is a dick
11/3/2013 c1 9Cookie Seller On The Dark Side
I'm sorry if this sounds rude, and I really hope this doesn't sound like a flame, but this story seems to have almost the exact same plot-line as a book called 'I am Number 4'.
10/29/2012 c1 T
I think The Power of Eight is an excellent story which is why I am editing it for publication. The characters have been illustrated, Orion, Orchid, Drake, Ena, Na Xue, Niabi, Tokuichi, and Alona. Here are a couple of links to the project.


6/26/2012 c27 David
I'm sorry to say this, but you disappoint me. I've been coming back to this story for years and i love it every time. Imagine this, you start reading a book, you really like it. the writing style, the character development, the strife and confusion the characters face. The plot thickens as you get further into it. you don't want to put it down... and then it stops... I have never wanted a writer to "hurry up and give me more to read" because i want them to feel like they had the time to make what they wrote perfect, but I just keep waiting. I've reread this story about once or twice a year for around 4 years and can honestly say it has only gotten better with each rereading. The only reason i am disappointed is because I have been rereading the same book for years and have never gotten to the end. I know life can get hectic, heck, I seem to never stop working, but if you are still around and still hold the passion for writing, please share your story with the rest of us, I know I'm not alone in saying "I love this experience".
2/22/2012 c2 Vickers
Please update this story, and add a new chapter soon! I have been waiting a long time :C
11/8/2011 c27 Vickers
Please make a new chapter soon! I would really like to see this story continue :)
7/13/2011 c26 Quell
Mindblowing stuff you have here... just one chapter in and it's definitely pulling me inside the story. Absolutely love that it is an easy read and it feels like this is a down to earth fantasy that is relative. Gotta read more...
6/26/2011 c5 8Sophia Alexandra
your story is interesting and i like your writing style a lot
6/26/2011 c3 Sophia Alexandra
really good chapter. cant wit to read more
6/25/2011 c1 Sophia Alexandra
this is really good. i like the writing in it a lot. i added you to my community group. if you'd like, could you check out my book paranormal agency and let me know what you think? thanks!
5/18/2011 c23 New guy
I've read your work before you started with the editing, but for the life of me I can't remember Ambrosia showing Orion her home. Wish I had your earlier work to compare, but either way great writing as usual. Hope you keep up the good job and hopefully post a new chapter earlier.
1/11/2011 c22 elinacrox
Definitely my favorite read from . (I tell you, I've printed out all the chapters before you took a long break. That's how psyched I am about your story.) Typographical errors and grammar aside (as it can easily be edited), I am really intrigued about the plot and the characters. Every time I finish reading a chapter I couldn't wait for the next chapter to come out. I would love to see how they manage to defeat Xyra. Keep it coming, please. And thank you.
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