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for Chibis in My Head

7/15/2007 c1 1colours and carousels
Well... this is odd to say the least!

Definitely interesting idea, though.

Are there gonna be more chibis added throughout the story?

Eek, this could get confusing...

Here I go! xD
6/25/2006 c26 Emancipation of Me
Wow! Your story is extremly addictive and funny. It's really good! Please start wwriting this again!
7/23/2005 c1 Corn on the Cob
HOORAH! *worships the randomness* It's so great ^_^
4/8/2005 c26 Swing123
cool story!
11/25/2004 c9 23wishingdreamingwaiting
haha! i like this! its very entertaining, and realyl creative. good job so far!
10/10/2004 c20 Lady Spear and Friends
I'm gonna do something like this, but with different ones and they won't be chibis.
12/11/2003 c1 15Lythtis
this is cool. i like the idea of little people instead of voices better ^_^
10/27/2003 c26 Shi Maxwell
Hehe, most entertaining. ^-^ Looking forward to more soon. And schools sucks. x-x;
10/15/2003 c11 10Mobius Soul
You are a insane, psychotic, demented, lunatic, mad, crazy, crazed, maniacal, paranoiac, unbalanced crackpot, and I love it. (I have a thesaurus and I'm not afraid to use it!)
9/23/2003 c26 willetts
finally, all teh story had needed was a porno industry and here it is. Well done azurepoet and flamemajic for that splendiforous chapter, woo yay.


9/2/2003 c25 2spacebunny-chan
EEvee-So many chibi's! I love chibi's, there SOO cute! ^_^

Guys-*sweat-drop w/ facefult*

EEvee-What? Chibi's are so cute! I bet you guys would look cute as chibi's.

Troy-You wouldn't...

EEvee-*inocent look* You know me. *evil smile* I would! *zaps guys with green light and they turn iinto chibi's*

Girls-Chibi's! ^_^

Guys-Aw shi-AH! *get attacked by girls*

EEvee-Yep, i would. *thunder and lighting* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!

~EEvee + GOA + Friends
8/10/2003 c25 2SyntheticEmotion
I WANT ANOTHER CHAPTER! WAA! My favorite character is Gray. He reminds me of...ME! wow...^_^ I LOVE THIS STORY!
8/6/2003 c25 Glastonbury
Iv never noticed that on word, thank you for pointing it out. Yay for chibis and washing machines! thoroughly enjoyed it, iv kind of been making my way through them this past week, i finally finished the last chapter, so here is my gratifying review. 'Well done' Anywho, keep writing those chapters.

8/5/2003 c25 Shi Maxwell
Ugh, I wanna go to the anime convention in California. ;-; I love anime! [huggles her DVDS]... Not that much mind you but enough. ^^ Right,well,you're story is still interesting,I like it.
8/3/2003 c25 willetts
about damn time. Ive been waiting and waiting and waiting but luckily it was worth teh wait.

Running is too tiring. Unless its running away from violent people. a ver often occuring event where i live. but i do a paper round and that helps me think

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