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for O Come

6/26/2003 c1 11Serenity69
I like this a lot! It has a kind of old fashioned quality to it... but doesn't deter from the wonderful point you're bringing across... God can be a very complicated subject to write about, but you've have done an amazing job!
5/24/2003 c1 3Gye Nyame
This is a very good poem. I'm not sure if I emphasized that before. Very. If I could do italics here, that's what the word "very" would be in. I particularly like the call: "O Come-thou come, far past the sea/The Western Isle, she calls to thee." The theological aspects are good, which is really the life-blood of the poem. And the fantasy is oh-so fun. I think you have a fan. I wish you would post something new.

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