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for Monologue of Nothingness II

12/28/2000 c1 Azrel
This thing must've been kind of challenging to write. Couldn't tell if it about a lover or kin... very good, and depressing.
12/17/2000 c1 25Shino Tenshi
you had posted this one in 'da mb, ne? oh well PERFECT 10!
11/29/2000 c1 39Technicolor Girl T.C.G
This one is my more favorite one. I can relate somewhat...
11/27/2000 c1 the ringmaster
very nice...would be a challenging monologue to do, which makes it good
11/27/2000 c1 Tracy
Very different, but i couldnt tell if you were speaking of a lover or a family member, it could go either way. But I guess thats what made it interesting. Good job!

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