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for What Game?

1/1/2004 c1 26Marie the Black Rose
I like this. My friend and I played that game once. She lost! Fwahahahahahahahahaha. . .I'm insane, I know, and proud of it!
11/29/2003 c1 Sararh
hi, I'm PED-sarah from ff.net. I wanted to see what you've written and this one interested me... this is weird, but sort of funny :) I think I get it... sort of... yeah. Is this all? Yeah, I guess it would be hard to continue... :) one shots are good
9/13/2003 c1 Marie the Black Rose
Whee ha! Sounds like an arguement between my sis and I. . .

I like, seriously!
5/11/2003 c1 9KissOfJudas
You have too much time on your hands if you're writing stuff like this. It's nice, it's funny, but it's confusing and it shows that you have TOO much time on your hands. ^_^ Nice work.

4/8/2003 c1 2Codi
um... weird...

yeah. Who's talkin here?

They did this on 'Who's Line is it ANyway?' hehe

well, it's good, kinda weird, but then again so are you. :)

3/20/2003 c1 KC who is not a FictionPress member.yet
Yeah...just commenting that this is awesome! You write alot...yep yep...
3/15/2003 c1 2Della C
Heehe. you ARE cool.
3/11/2003 c1 IrishVampire13
Lol! This is like that Questions thing on Whose Line is it, Anyway-or is that what it's based on? :-D Peace!
2/25/2003 c1 30Daily Judas
Way to rip off "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead". I applaud your first-rate mimicry.
2/22/2003 c1 13NuttyGummy
Ah! That was confusing. Good job with it though. : )
2/21/2003 c1 99Ti
Haha, I loved it
2/21/2003 c1 Arreiyenne
Cha! *laughs* That's so funny@! I can just see someone on stage, performing this. Or maybe two people. Or one guy pretending to be all scitzophrenic. I like it. ^_^ Very good!

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