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for The Subject of Shakespeare's Eighteenth Love Sonne

4/11/2003 c1 26Helenlicious
Was this meant to be humorous? Sorry, the last line just made me laugh.

Yeah, we did that poem in school, and it's interesting how people percieve it differently. I always thought of the girl as being rich and high up in society; someone that Shakespeare never could have had. (That's probably only because of what our teacher told us about it. Don't blame me.) Well, he was married, anyway.

Actually, after reading it through again, it's not just the last line that's funny. I mean 'Burdened with the constant responsibility of being more lovely and temperate than a fine summer's day' - that's pretty good too.

Sorry about my ramblings. This is an interesting poem, and lots of fun too. I like how you pretend to be 'the subject of those 18 lines'. I'll have to try it sometime. Sounds fun.

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