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for The French Legend

11/23/2003 c2 7John Ink
New chapters please.

I'll give you a nickel. Then a dollar. Then I'll take them back.
2/25/2003 c2 Tsukino Chibiusa


Technically, though, wouldn't Felipe prefer Canada to America? He wouldn't need a translator if it were Canada.and why is Cadence a man?

Oh well, it needs not make sense. You're Adam. I want more! (chapters, that is.)
2/21/2003 c1 John Ink
This is the best! There's some technical errors, but who cares. Only "Riddles in the Dark." Making fun of my technical errors. How dare she! Anyway, I want more. WRITE IT! NOW!

I tried to tell Marie to read your stuff, but my computer quit out of AIM. Dang.

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