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1/16/2004 c9 100Devious Angel XDemon
This has gotten very good! CAN'T WAIT FOR AN UPDATE! ^_^ Thx for reviewing suicide treatment...I didn't think it'd get so popular. Hahaha.
**places this story in fav's.:: So I don't forget to check up on it!
1/7/2004 c9 Brittany
hey,much better. I dont really think that Gena's suspicions are correct about Telendin. I think that he has somthing going on that he is hiding from her, thats just my opinion as to how you implied as to what was going on.
well update soon.
(I dont think that i quite worded this right)
12/16/2003 c9 14DigiDayDreamer
Finally an update!
Hmm, this chapter is definitely drawn out and I mean it in a good way. You did great drawing from Gena's thoughts about her parents, her brother, her training and especially about Telendin.
There isn't really much to criticize on, this is a good chapter even in its shortness.
But I hope to see Mahadrin again! I really miss him and his great dialect of incentiveness. Um, that last sentence didn't make much sense, did it.
Anyway, I enjoyed reading this, but I guess there isn't much think about, with the plot moving rather slowly at this rate.
But it's my opinion. Hope you won't forget this story!
Spell ya later!
10/4/2003 c8 7AethraZip
(In case you're curious, the plural form of both sorcerer and sorceress is sorcerei.)

I'm in Honors English, and that's tough enough. AP? Jeez!

Anyway, I hope you update soon. This is very interesting, and I'm wondering which way it will go from here.
10/4/2003 c6 AethraZip
Oh! THAT explains it!

Hi, I just remembered to check back and read this. Sorry it took me so long.

The dragon's dialect is interesting. You'd think that, as a powerful higher being, he'd talk formally, with lots of 'foolish mortals!' and such, but he doesn't.

So what's up with Álende? I'm sure there'll be more about him in the later chapters I have to go read, but he's such a mystery to me that I have to ask.

And did you forget about me? *cries* No, it's not a big deal.. I just thought you might read the rest of my story sometime.. okay. I'll stop being a drama queen, and hit the 'submit review' button now. Bye.
9/19/2003 c8 brittany
write more please.
9/18/2003 c8 14DigiDayDreamer
So it's just the beginning? Korakane did the same thing with his story "Dragonstone" except his details were 12 chapters long. . .~_~

Well, Gena's a Wind Waker (like one I heard in Zelda). And she has a staff now! ^_^ I probably know what Alende is.

And thanks for mentioning me and Belle!

Spell ya later!
9/16/2003 c8 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
So Gena's a wind walker eh? Cool Name. And Alende's either the Phoenix rider of the earth tumbler i bet. I dunno.

9/15/2003 c7 14DigiDayDreamer
Sigh, can't believe I'm one chapter behind!

Anyway, I like Mahadrin now and he's my fave because I like dragons very much. ^_^

Hmm, so Telendrin finally came from the first chapter into this one. Too bad Alende isn't what I thought he would be.~_~

Oh well, hmm. Dragedein was a pervert that tried to kill her? O_O

I'll read the next chapter soon.

Spell ya later!
9/11/2003 c7 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Cool, i'm glad Mahidrin isn't that evil. And telendin is the guardian of the staff, eh? The suspense is building! Yikes. "Don't get close to Alende"

What are you going to do with him. What if i'm already attached?

Oh, i'll read your other story too.

9/5/2003 c6 14DigiDayDreamer
Hey! You updated!

Hmm, Gena sure was surprised what Mahadrin told her. Quite a plot twist! Well, I wonder what happens next.

Good job with the descriptions! I think the words you learned were all in one sentence. "Yes," answered the dwarf, "I know. There has always been an opprobrious feeling towards humans, and your presence here is a sort of invective towards them. I shall have to recapitulate your story to them. Maybe they will not feel such enmity towards you afterwards." Am I right?

Well, school has its usefulness.

Until then, maybe I'll read that other story, the orb quest.

Spell ya later!
9/4/2003 c6 brittany
u r confuseing me now. will she find her brother? and is she the mage? ttyl
9/4/2003 c6 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
School huh? Yeah it's started for me, too. It was a pretty good chapter. ANd the dream was interesting and your descriptions wer good. Good luck on the next chapter, i can't tell what words you used though. Sorry.

-Belle the Shadow-cat
8/26/2003 c5 7AethraZip
Okay, a couple things.

First, I really like this. It's interesting and very well-written. Hopefully there'll be a new chapter soon, yes?..

I was a bit confused when Mahadrin picked up Alende and Gena. He felt an aura from Alende, but nothing from Gena. Since she is royalty as well, why would she not have an aura? Is it because she's female?

Otherwise, it's great. Sometimes there's little grammar mistakes, but hey, everybody's got some of those :)

(If you get a chance, would you R&R my story 'Under Meteors' for me? It's fantasy, and I'm trying to get some feedback for it. Okay. Bye.)
8/24/2003 c1 nahtanoj
Excellent work. 5 stars. (*)(*)(*)(*)(*) plus one extra (*). (That would be 6 (six) for those of us who can't count.) You should publish a book.

Too long, or not too long. That is the question. Wait- to publish a book or not to publish a book. That is the question. But wait- there is no book! (or is that spoon?)

But seriously (really, I can be serious)...

Good word choice. You could elaborate a little more about Gena while her father is away.
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