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for Princess of Thieves

10/22/2014 c8 1dragon skale
Please write another chapter. This story is awesome.
5/27/2011 c8 FamishedNight
Awesome! i hope she kicks his ass! Update me! Update soon!
2/24/2011 c1 Shadowstreak
Love it.
2/24/2011 c8 Shadowstreak
Seriously? You stopped at the very best moment. Please update this, as it is very good and I cannot wait to see how the trial ends!

2/3/2011 c8 So1Thought
Cliffhanger! How could you do this? Sobs* I didn't see any mistakes, at least I think I didn't... Awesome chapter!
1/30/2010 c8 SlugHunter
omg epic story :D keep writing! ^_^
6/4/2009 c8 1reachforit
You've got a lot of potential and substance over here. It would be greatly appreciated if you could quench my literary thirst a bit by updating. :D
3/7/2009 c8 3Boredom Inspired
Nice goin. I'm pretty interested in it. It has a nice plot and it's also pretty detailed. Please continue with writing.
12/15/2008 c8 hellomoto
another great chapter please keep going
12/10/2008 c1 deep deep forest
finally.. updates. :)
11/12/2008 c8 Anna-maria
OMGOSH -squeel-

Okay, sorry for the fangirl obsessivness, but I love your story so much.

I read it back before you redid it and have been reading the new chapters...but then I thought you ran off and abadonded us again!

But noo! You updated! FINALLY! with TWO chapters!


But seriously now, you cant give us an overload like this and not give us the next fix, you hear? So that means get the next chapter up! SOON!
11/12/2008 c8 7huntress3484
Very intriguing story. Description is well done; narration is well done; the writing style is good. Just a little surprised at how fast she adjusted to stealing and possibly the idea of killing, but I guess some situations just bring things out.
7/1/2008 c6 ruby
i actually really love your story, the way its written, the story line. I really want to read the rest of it and i was wondering if you were still emailing it to reviewers who wanted to read. MY email is already listed and I was hoping you could send it to me.

thanks if you do. and keep up the good work
2/18/2008 c1 1Katherine-the-greate
amazing beginning
1/28/2008 c1 6Khia
I think this is the story I'm looking for...I read it a long time ago and was searching for all my lost favorites. :)
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