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for Amulet

6/9/2003 c1 15Dark-BlueDeep
I don't know why i didn't read this before! All i can say is that as someone who grew up in a military environment, this was terrifyingly real to me and captured so well the fear and confusion i often felt as a child about what my father did for a living. (I don't mean to sound self-obsessed, i'm just trying to say that you've done this well, and it's a good thing)
3/27/2003 c1 38zane
i knew almost from the first line what my review would say.

and this is it.

brilliance. sheer, utter, and complete brilliance.
3/3/2003 c1 32Morbane
It's skilful, captivating and powerful - slightly distancing in places - and I'll dissect it later in an email, if you like?
2/22/2003 c1 woxul-5
Nicely did. I like the opening lines. They're very strong. Good emotion.

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