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5/6/2003 c8 The Leprechaun Queen Loyal Friend of Duckie the Chicken Goddess
Great Scott! Has the Chicken Goddess been notified of the Evil Penguin's nefarious plot and the Head Chicken's abduction? Raise and army! Prepare for war!

(The humble typist of Her Royal Cloverness's message would also like to add that this story nearly caused her to expire from laughter)
4/8/2003 c8 The Giant EVIL Fish
This is the Giant Fish. I would like you to notify the Evil Penguin that I'm behind him 110% re his plan to kill everyone and take over the world. Tell him to keep up the good work.

Also tell him that i have tried his strategy of sending death threats to my victims before killing them, and he should note that it will inevitably lead to discovery. Howere, if he should ever need assistance (not that he would, he is, after all, the EVIL! Penguin), my cod minions are at his command!

~The Giant (*EVIL!*) Fish
4/8/2003 c8 7Ara E R Took
we believe in the good chickens/roosters! we believe! all 5 of me!
4/7/2003 c8 2vkitty
Hello! I would like the pics of the letters plz! I need to copy them for my friends Evil Penguin notes, I would tell you what they said but I dont have them sadly. *Pouts*
4/7/2003 c8 blonde-chica
i gotta admit...this is disturbing...but in an awesome-cool way. i love it!

i'd like to see the illustrations if you dont mind~

*patiently waiting for the next letter from the Evil Penguin and/or Good Chicken/Rooster
3/26/2003 c6 7Ara E R Took
the chickens will apprehend the evil penguin, they WILL!
3/24/2003 c6 2vkitty
I'm sending one of my friends similar letters like this. I hope she doesnt read this reveiw. I hope she isnt you. I should just stop typing shouldnt I. I know, I'm a complete idiot. Anyhoo, good job on the story. Actually I should be saying that to the person who is writing the story, shouldnt I? I should just stop typing, I say again. Bye Bye.
3/20/2003 c5 Heather and Ryan
Loved the story, we couldnt stop laughing.
3/19/2003 c5 vkitty
Very funny!
3/19/2003 c1 3Seul Desir
Lol! This chapter is really funny! I don't really like the rest of it, but this one is hysterical! Keep it up!
3/19/2003 c5 PhantomFox
I'll never look at penguins the same way again..
3/15/2003 c4 7Ara E R Took
we are all very, very afraid for your life. we pray for you.
3/12/2003 c3 Ara E R Took
oh, good, i knew he was real. OMG HE'S REAL! RUN FOR THE HILLS! *leaps into closet and slams door*
3/7/2003 c3 5Alandrea-the-magical-kitty
Good chicken? In my experience the roles are reversed but you may live in an alternate universe. *thinks on this*

Great work. Your friend is a genius. I hope to see some more.

3/4/2003 c3 7John Ink
NPF (National Penguin Federation):

We have read your "letters" and we are totally repulsed by the using of our species in such a matter. Penguins are not evil. They are nice. And the chickens are our allies. We all just want to be peaceful and eat our fish. An "evil" penguin goes against all we stand for. We, the penguins, hope you shall, in the future, research before you begin degrating us in such a manner.


See Crime Fighting Penguins from the above adress for more in our defense.

More good, funny stuff! Tell your friend to keep the letters coming.
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