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for My Angel, My Treasure

9/10/2012 c3 KaronePrincess
Please, pretty please would you update the next chapter? I love all the details you described your characters. I already liked the story and would love to read more into it. Great writing! Keep it coming. Thanks! Please, I'm begging you, update more!
3/3/2004 c1 9OracleVortex
I love the depths that you put into your character development, despite the fact that you chose to present it to us before the chapters...
I haven't been on this site in months! I just checked my reviews and stuff, and realized that you probably thought I was shunning you or something. -_-;; So sorry about that! I'd love to chat/talk to you too! I looked for your email, but I don't think I see it anywhere... Drop me a line, all right?

I'd love to hear from you!
4/19/2003 c3 5kriz-te
very very interesting! poor luke. got his voice taken. i dont like peter already. about who to shine...i pick...that you pick...it makes more sense that you would know what to tell us when! personally tho, i am very interested in the whole odin owin and ryna maya parts as well. of course, i like luke very much so go on about him as much as you want! just keep writing!
4/13/2003 c2 kriz-te
hey, write more soon. this race is very creative. i like it alot. especially how the world has three levels and i like how they are related to each other. im a little confused on names. do the dragons in the people have their own names? and do all plant...(forgot how to spell it) do they all have dragons in them? just a little fuzzy on what the dragons have to do with anything. anyway, its really good and im looking forward to more!
4/13/2003 c2 Ankle
very very good

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