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for Leap of Faith

8/11/2003 c4 7Dark Hamadryad
There's gonna be more, right? Please tell me there's going to be more!

8/11/2003 c3 Dark Hamadryad
lol you could've finished the last word, at least.

8/11/2003 c2 Dark Hamadryad
Really good. Shows that taking a leap of faith can be very risky and yet rewarding.

6/10/2003 c4 lostinscotland
what have you done? you didn't kill him, did you? why are they jumping off whatever they're jumping off? what's going on? ::runs away and cries:: now i'm all scared...poor sean!
6/9/2003 c1 lisa
it was really good
5/23/2003 c4 12Silverlight Elf
Poor Sean! My friend's name is SEAN! AND YOU KILLED HIM! YOU KILLED HIM! haha! I REALLY love this poem, or.. whatever it is, its kinda like a small story in its own! Its awusme, my favorite work that you have done.
5/7/2003 c3 Princess Mulan
NO! cliff hanger!


I feel like I'm jumping down myself

very good work
5/7/2003 c3 The Black Rider
I'd say this one is the best so far, but the whole thing is really good.
5/6/2003 c3 1Jimmy Jazz
OHH! Cliffhanger! No! Great poems again, but... cliffhanger! Wa. Great cliffhanger, but... wa.
5/5/2003 c3 David Maxwell
I Hate Being Negative, But I Don't Like This One As Much As Part 2.

Still Good Anyway.

Sal Should Become The Best Poem Writer In The World Though.
5/5/2003 c2 David Maxwell
Even at listening to music at full blast, the second part of this poem makes the room u are in silent as you read it.

5/5/2003 c1 David Maxwell
This is a really good poem.

I Liked How The Poem Rhymed So Well.

Well Done Sally!

4/15/2003 c2 68Princess Mulan

What a rush! I feel andreline rushing to my brain.

This is the best! Wonderful!

I love the image, I feel like I'm jumping down myself.
4/15/2003 c1 Princess Mulan
Ho lovely is this!

So brave, and strong and totally amazing!

The determination is admirable. Great job!
4/1/2003 c1 98Not Just a Little Girl
This is one of my favourites, and i think its one of your best :D
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