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11/16/2004 c5 16Bananalogic
ayla is kind of a confusing character, but she has a lovely name. how exactly are she and skyler related to neimiah and i'm kind of confused about the prince. i still really like it and i hope you update soon.
hannah banana
12/14/2003 c5 J.T. Baever
EEK! more! u need to write MORE! you've got an awesome story right here, so update soon.
great job, i hope u continue.
11/26/2003 c5 37Fantwriter
Are you ever gonna continue? *sparkley eyes*

It's getting more INTERESTING!

I'll be waiting for the next one!
11/26/2003 c2 Fantwriter

There were a couple spelling mistakes and a weirdly worded sentence in the beginning and that's it

11/23/2003 c1 Fantwriter
Wow...interesting...kinda creepy...

'hedgehogian' *chuckles*

Sometimes you forget some words, or you skip it or something... yeah...just a note.

Hm...what else...you put a lot of detail, that's good.

7/16/2003 c1 2Shadow Click
great story. you've got quite a bit of talent
7/14/2003 c1 11Rem
I like the idea of someone hearing voices.interesting begining idea. and i wanna know whats with the hedgehog. Its probably thefirst fic I've ever read where a Hedgehog talks to someone
6/28/2003 c1 11Giabella

...talking to yourself isn't so bad. I mean... the voices in my head are all named, for heaven's sake. But maybe that's just me.

I like it. This is cool. Fun idea. Keep writing, you're good!

6/9/2003 c5 2Special Ed
Hey everyone *waves* thank you so much for reviewing ^_^ you people are soo sweet.

I'm sorry for not updating but I'm slow w/ writing. lol I'll have chapter 6 up by the end of the summer. lol sry but I just suck at this and can't think of anything...oh well maybe inspiration will strike. I'll post some more poems too if you like.

Also I've read most of the stories/poems of people who have reviewed here so if you get bored read their stories...they're really good.^_^ (Kali Freeman, Black Obsisdian, Robbit, Queen Of The Universe, Contia Mirian) *nods head*

lol ok anywho I will be gone for the next two weeks so I may post something in the next two days. But that will be one of the many reasons for me not updating...yeah

enjoy ur summer!

peace, ^_^
6/8/2003 c5 6Kali Electra
omg, what was that? what hurt her hand? that was some amazing writing, i have to say. the only thing, and im just trying to help, its really really really really good neways, but if on the last line, u rearranged the sentences so that it said-"A bit startled, Ayla backed off. Wioney would never act like this, she was always her sweet self. Something was wrong." I just think haviong "somehting was wrong" as the last sentence would give it more effect, but thats just me and my blonde thoughts, lol

excellent, keep updating!
6/8/2003 c4 Kali Electra
ooh! poor Wiony! she's only nine and she has to do all this, and now she's having visions! :( its really great u made her such a strong character, she's being so calm thru all this, i would have been freaking out! this is really awesome, keep updating! please, it's really enjoyable

6/8/2003 c3 Kali Electra
wowowow, the descriptions are awesome! its fantasy, i kno, but u make it seem so realistic. btw, thanks soo much for reviewing my story! u make it sound so good when its really not, lol

keep writing, ur awesome at it! im goin to read the next chapter
6/6/2003 c5 Black Obsidian

*cough* Ahem! That was uncalled for!

Yeah, yeah. I know.

GREAT CHAPTER GIRLIE! IT's starting to get INTERESTING...*bwahaha* I like it alot. Please update soon because I so dearly love Leo even though I know nothing about him I know he has swords and therefore...ah, screw it, *huggles Leo, the sword-boy* Swords swords swords! XD :( Robyn brought something to my attention...I don't think I'm gonna get on AIM very much now.
6/5/2003 c1 Kali Electra
wow, ive barely even started and i can already say i am falling in love with ur writing! its awesome, dont argue, the cahracters are great
3/26/2003 c1 71QueenOfTheUniverse
My gosh! I must say this is wonderful! Great descriptions! Awesome characters!I love it! Keep up the great work! ps. I added a few more lines to "Hurt", that just popped into my head, so do check it out when you get the chance. btw, I'm glad you like it!
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