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1/25/2005 c1 pseudonym viii
::sigh:: lovely. and achingly realistic.

i wish whomever your friend is the best of luck.
6/26/2003 c1 15Ulfr
*sniffsniff* Thats sad. It made me depressed. Now I have to go find a corner to cry in.
3/24/2003 c1 Aftertaste of a Razorblade
Have I ever told you you're a good writer?

You're a good writer.

There, now I've told you.
3/3/2003 c1 3Bakamegami-sama
Hidoi!(Horrible!) ;_; That was so sad! But good.m.angst is really my cup of monkeys, but this was still reallyreally good
3/2/2003 c1 8Pantsu Bachou
And yet another masterpiece from you, though I suppose that should have been expected.

As with most of your pieces, there was the prevailing sense of sorrow, and I felt as if I was standing there, watching the entire scene play out.

Beautiful. Once again, I applaud your use of detailed imagery. This was just gorgeous.
2/26/2003 c1 crazee-diamond
This was very well written, emotional and beautiful. I love how it's so vague, yet you really get a sense of the characters anyway.

"Well, I love you, dear, so do what you have to do. I’ll support you whatever your choice, and I hope that whichever path you take you find happiness."

That's a good quote. One to live by, lol.

Great job. Perfection.

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