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for True Love's Meant to Be

8/11/2004 c1 Crazy-Word-Painter
As much as I love guys... you're making me wish I was a lesbian. Which is weird. Amazing poem.
2/21/2004 c1 1rene-houston
Great poem, truely enjoyed. Thanks.
2/10/2004 c1 11Edward Brokenpipe
Another beautiful peice, I just love the poetry that lovers weave and this work is a fine example of that.
The flow is smooth, the content enjoyable in short it's excellent.
*gets that warm fuzzy feeling of giving off another positive review to a deserving writer*
9/26/2003 c1 NeuroticGothicLolitaDeathDolly
Yeah, I like this :) I admire how you can write this way, I am unable to write about pure love, whether it be related to any gender.. just the twisted stuff. XX If you want to check out my poems anyway, I would love that. As I was saying before... this is really sweet and I'm glad that its soft, unlike most poems of this kind that are hardcore...
7/27/2003 c1 Aries Jordan
Now that is a piece of art. Perfect flow, perfect ryhme, and most of all *blushes* perfect content.
7/22/2003 c1 28Gir Garcia
Great powm. I like, I like. *puts her hand on her chin and thinks then smiles evily* well...great poem can't wait 2 read more.
5/21/2003 c1 Knight Wings
Beautiful poem. I love a poem that shows the union between two lovers. You have a great talent, I love how you write. From poems that I have read, it seems the two women are more loving and sensual with each other then a man and woman. Or I could be wrong, I guess it's up the the reader...
4/8/2003 c1 11Aranami
that was beautiful! i loved it.
3/11/2003 c1 tony aka animeman
is there something you wanna tell me? lol private email
3/11/2003 c1 1Tony Martel
um.i can see why it's rated that
3/7/2003 c1 2yurigirl
Truly an excellent poem! Just the right mix of romance and eroticism. I have to say I completely enjoyed it.
3/4/2003 c1 3Captain KJ

Touching, loving, caring, pure lesbianism.

Well, it touched, I loved, I care, want more, .

In short the best lesbian poem I've ever read.

You are talented and I really mean that.

The Captain sends her congratulations.
3/3/2003 c1 Static Black
cool, thats a really good poem

3/2/2003 c1 Jahnedias
3/2/2003 c1 3v33
Very nice.oh, i suck at reviews, but this poem was very good.
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