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for Friends Forever?

9/12/2007 c1 9milenaa
Hey there. This story was very cute, but there's room for improvement. I think you relied a little too much on the dialogue and the descriptions could've been better, but it's okay. The name Kalel reminds me of Superman (because is name is Kal-El or Nicolas Cage's son, lol).
8/27/2004 c1 20defiance-is-lovely
that was so pretty! it really touched me how well you decribed broken friendship slowly getting woven back together...ahh! i just wish you'd keep going! :D
8/6/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
thats really cool! i like how u keep switching between their point of views! its really unusual and cool!
i wudnt 100% agree with ur time heals all hurts thing but still this was extremly well written! well done!
wud u breally nice and review one of my storys in my profile! tanx :) xx
6/13/2004 c1 2Sorcha Jade
Hey, that was kewl. That's definitely what happens when ppl accept the Lord. GJ :) I wasn't expecting that, but it was awsome anyway. I lvoe short fics! Oh ya! I updated too! anywho, continue writing. you've a gift for dialogue and ya. :-D
4/7/2004 c1 GodsBabyGirl
it was sweet and touching, i loved it!
suggestions: maybe writing a sequel?
2/27/2004 c1 13Bridge Ann Wall
That is really good. It really reminds me of a situation with my former best friend. I like the story, because it is so realistic, something that could happen to any normal people.
4/21/2003 c1 Brianna
good...but u said that was short! i liked it!
4/6/2003 c1 Giggles
Good one, Erin. Mrs. Mattson better've given you a good grade for that...I liked it! I mean, i would have given you an "A" for it, or at least a B+, or something like that. It's good, and you should keep writing stories like that, because it's good and i like them because they're good...and...and...and... yeah. Um, I'm going to...go...stare at the wall now.
3/14/2003 c1 6SilentBlueRose
I like it, alot. Good job, and keep writing!

God Bless!

2/27/2003 c1 1Klaire Swanson
Good story! i've been a chritaind for 4 years and it's a gd story. a lot of ppl in my high school are like Jewel (boys and girls alike)

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