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6/8/2003 c8 ski1118
Hello! Wow, I have to bow down and like kiss your feet or something for updating so quickly. Lol, I can never do that. Ever. But I almost fainted when Normrak hugged her back. Dear God that was amazing. It's a step. And I'd love to see his expression when Feral tells him that Raina said she loved him. That should be good. Hmm... questions for Normrak... ok.

1. Does he really love Raina? If so, he could try and show her sometime. That can serious break a woman's heart and self esteem after a while, and if he likes the fight and fire in her, he better start treating her right.

2. What does he think of Feral? Does he perhaps want kids of his own one day?

3. How does he feel about being feared by pretty much the entire vamp population? And about being the best there is out there?

Okay, that's it. I have other ones, but as you said, he'll probably just grunt and hit me or something. Lol, and I'm not into wearing black eyes. Anyway~~ can't wait for the next chapter. And this little interview! Should prove to be interesting!
6/7/2003 c1 Devin
Oh! Oh! I have more pointless questions for Normrak!

-How are you? [haha, ask that question firsy]

-What is your favorite color?

-What kind of music do you like?

-What is your middle name?

-When is your birthday?

-What is your shoe size?

-What is your favorite season?

-What is your favorite animal?

-Are you ticklish?

Okay! These were all very pointless questions, but that's okay. Hehee. Now you've got lots of questions for 'im.
6/7/2003 c8 NightBlossom
great job on the frequent updating! I still don't like Cali and Taile, and I don't understand why Raina would help them if they just frikin captured her and gave her second-hand smoke. ew. i have a question for Normrak: Why is he so abusive to Raina?
6/7/2003 c8 tricklingdust
Wow, another chapter so soon? YOU ARE TOO KIND! *hug* I don't like that Raina went back. She shoulda just stayed with Feral. I don't like these two, even if SHE does. She should just get the heck home. o.o Something bad's gonna happen, I feel it in mah very bones. O_o Update soon!
6/7/2003 c8 7Bitter smiles
cool, humm . . . what to ask norm?

-what turned him in to an unfeeling jerk! kinda? ;p

-what is making him so tense you know whats in the letter that kinder wrote ? u might not want to answer that coz it could give the plot of the story but try :)

thanks for da updates keep 'em comin :)

lotsa lovin Abby ^_^
6/7/2003 c8 Iris
Wow, it's a marathon of chapters... or something like that. Anyway, great chapters, as usual. And no, they are not getting worse. I liked them. Aw, it looks like Normrak is feeling a little more emotions. Oh, and I love Cali, he was funny. Taile, on the other hand, was cool, but was getting a bit on my nerves. But I guess that's the type of person he is. He's still cool, though. Ok, since my brain isn't working at the moment, I can't think of any questions for the Normrak interview. Damn college life. Thank god I've only got finals left, then it's wonderful summer. Ok, I'll stop babbling now. Update soon, oh and good luck with your summer assignments! I remember having to do some and they weren't too much fun, but they weren't that bad. Ok, so keep up the great writing! :)
6/6/2003 c8 Arsenal Always
*glare* I don't like orders... I complain in my reviews a lot don't I? Well me and Feral are related I guess... Anyway, this was great as usual. Normak had feelings...sort of...he hugged her anyway. Keep writing! Fast, you have a whole summer for summer work! WRITE!

~Blue Eyes~
6/6/2003 c7 ski1118
Sorry for not reviewing in forever. I've been busy. Two chapters at once! You rock! Lol. Dude, I'm so damned tired. I just got back from the movies and I saw Finding Nemo and it kicked ass! Loved it. Anyway~~ your story. The whole kidnapping thing came completely out of nowhere, but knowing you, it ties is SOMEHOW. Heh. And, *sigh* I already miss Normrak. You can't have me going through another withdrawl, like in the other story. That was just down right mean! Sorry to cut this short, but I'm so tired!
6/6/2003 c8 1Empyrea
I am very happy! YEAH! Update soon so I'l be happier!
6/6/2003 c8 32Cryptic Insanity
Three people? Okay..

Person One:

Normrack, what happened to you when you were a little kid? Whom died, that you were too late?

Person Two:

Do you love your wife?

Person Three:

Can you make me a vampire!

Three people, right there! Now you HAVE TO do the interveiw! Ahahahahahahaha!

Aww, I like-ed this chapter it was cute =D

Update soon!
6/6/2003 c5 Devin
Oh! One more thing! My question for Normrak! Hehee..this is an oh-so-pointless question, but ask him..."Will you marry me?" Yess, ask him that. I wanna know what he'll say. Woo!
6/6/2003 c8 Devin
-gasp- You didn't know I read this? Of course I do! Your stories are too good *not* to read! Hehee, and this chapter was good, too. Of course.

Wow, my reviews are all so pointless, haha.
6/6/2003 c7 Cryptic Insanity
Oh, I'm so sorry I didn't reveiw last times, I didn't see the updates! The chapters aren't getting worse, I like them. And a light-hearted character! I like Cali, he's cool. I wanted a Normrack interveiw though, hmph. It's because we know about Riana because in the sory it says a lot about her, but we want to know more about Normrack! -hmph- So, do a normrack one zammit! These chapters were cute, heehee. Normrack has emotions, yes, yes he does! Whe!

Okay, update soon!
6/6/2003 c7 flying blind
damn, normrak is gonn rescue her right? why has she been kidnapped again? the girl must be getting used to it by now lol. Great chapters, pay no attention to the level of reviewers it has nothing to do with the chapters 'cause the story kicks ass! update soon please i wanna know what happens
6/6/2003 c7 liv
finally! after a long time, finally u send us this 2 chapters. Thank u,thank u!

Keep writing!

when i read ur story i feel terrible to read a lot of violences but i can't help it. i don't want to stop reading this story it's to god.

send us next chap soon OK.

bye. you're the best!
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