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9/20/2003 c17 Tiffany23
Good epilogue. Cant wait for game 3!
9/20/2003 c17 Leona
loved it! hope there's a game three!
9/20/2003 c17 Cindy
can't wait for a game 3
9/20/2003 c17 5luxii
of course u r going to do a game I! u have 2! u so can't leave it here! she's having a baby n normrak left...again! i NEED to know wut happens! plz write another 1! bye!
9/19/2003 c17 Iris
I do believe that yet another sequel is in order. I'm dying to hear about the child and the months Raina spends pregnant and all that good stuff. But of course, it is all up to you since you are the writer. Anyway, I absolutely loved the epilogue and was glad to see it finally up. Cali and Taile at the end were funny and finding out that Raina was pregnant was a great surprise. But, I am sad that this story has come to an end. *cries* Ok, enough crying from me. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing such a great story and giving me something to read when I'm bored out of mind and what not. I can't wait to see what you write next, even if it isn't yet another sequel for this story. Keep up the great writing and I'll be on the lookout for the next story you put up. :D
9/19/2003 c17 tricklingdust
Hey, I can't wait for the Game I! I wanna see how this kid grows up. ^_~ You will NEVER be done with this series. XD "The Game MDCXI". XDXDXD Weehoo. I'm okay. ^^ Great ending, please write the sequel soon!
9/19/2003 c17 krazy cuie chic
whats with u and all ur weird endings? how can u make him leave liek thatt im up for a game I lol...i cant believe u ended wiht normrak leaving...ahh! haha, hope you get the new story out soon!

9/19/2003 c17 NightBlossom
*voices of schoolchildren* Thank you, Pyrope. Is there gonna be a The Game I
9/19/2003 c17 Pyrope
WHAT! Does he come back? If there's not another sequel i will just have to use my imagination and pretend. This has been such a great story and has become something I am continuously looking forward to reading. But now it's done. I can still reread though! This story was just wonderful. It could be a series if you decide to continue you could make it a trilogy! I smell am idea. Well an idea that I like. But I can just make up my own ending too. This story did have some loose ends, his mother, the baby, where he went yet again, taile and cali, I think that if you want to there is a lot of potential for a sequel. But if you don't we can all make up our own happy endings. I can't wait to see what you decide to write next. This has been such agreat story and words cannot describe how wonderful it has actully been. So this is Pyrope signing off for now and hopin to see you again soon!
9/19/2003 c17 18flying blind
He LEFT? That’s just that . . . Damn! lol

You really need to do a game 3 seriously, I wanna know what happens =)

It was a great chapter, and an awesome story I shall miss it, you are very talented.

Please do a game three . . . did I mention that already? Oh lookie I did. Must really wanna know what happens.

Umm just one thing I wanna ask before I go away and stop bugging you. . . Why is Cali wearing a dress?
9/19/2003 c17 32Cryptic Insanity
You're going to have a Game 3! That's what you're going to do alright! I love these characters too much for you to end the story! Besides everyone will want to know how Normrack reacts to the baby! And if no one else does: I do! And I'm one of your faithful reveiwers I am! Doesn't my opinion matter?

-chants- Game l Game l!

This chapter was good, but left me hanging with Normrack. I have to commend you on the comedic ending!

I hope to see a new story soon!
9/19/2003 c17 Arsenal Always

~Blue EYes~
9/19/2003 c17 3Forrest Nymph
how can I we thoror him enough dont ya think? anywayz you have to wrte a game 3. I want to know if Normrak comes back. It would be funny though if he left her for ever! *evil laugh and smirk * oh yea I wrote a poem adout Normrak! I want know if he likes it I'll tell you when I post it ( It's going to be the next one i put up ). If Cali is going to be the next person you enterview ask him if his ever woren a dress and heels be for , for me. oh by the way you misspelled heart. dang this is a long review
9/19/2003 c17 LazyDaze06
hopefully u won't leave us hanging here wit raina pregnant & normrak gone again.
9/19/2003 c17 87EchoesOfReason
Yes, yes we must go for a Game I. It would be the life of the child. You have to, you just have to. I'm glad Normak's alive and all but but but but JERKWAD! He's so so so so so insensitive...gr...oi I sound like a bitchy wife. ANywho...GREAT chapter. I loved, love, loving, IT! I waited for so long but now *sob* now it's the end. :( I don't want it to end...I don't think anyone does! AM I right! I really hope you do do another one with Normak's return and the kids life, maybe a flashforward perhaps. Whatever the case, I know I'll love it as much I did this one. You have a talent not to be wasted. Good luck with it, and can't wait to see what you have next. I love this story. LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! Yes I am hyper!:)


Love always,


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