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8/8/2003 c16 Dark Auro
damn u i wuz crying bad wen he died and den i was crying again cuz he was alive my sisi isint dat emotional she juh said i wuz crazy this chapter wuz very very nice even though it wuz emotional but to say the least it was still the best os the best laterz hope u update soon sorry bout the death threat that wuz ma sisz idea so dat u wood update son laterz

8/8/2003 c16 87EchoesOfReason
NORMAK'S ALIVE! YAY. You have no clue how happy I am. I finally got my computer able to review and your's is the first one I'm doing. LOVE IT. Love the story, Love the fact that NORMAK'S ALIVE. And I am definitely waiting for the epilogue, so please do hurry!:P

Till later,


8/8/2003 c16 ski1118
What a relief... you really, really had me going there. I thought you were going to pull a Romeo and Juliet thing on us, just reveresed. Then I really would have killed you. But the ending suits the story, suits Normrak. Can't expect a complete change in his personality really, although I could have gone for a great romantic moment and him professing his love for her and begging forgiveness for all the hate- but that's not your story, and I'm actually kind of glad you didn't do it like that. You wrapped it up the way it was meant to be, and that I congratulate you on. Can't wait for the epilogue! :o)
8/8/2003 c16 Pyrope
Oh wow! AW I feel so special! I don't even no what I said really but hey o wait the assain had the cure! Or did you mean he was resistant? Raina never got around to asking him how he came back... She was a bit busy... Will we find out next chapter? I hope so. I feel so extra special! And you deserve the clapping not me! Your wlcm! And NORMRAK LIVES! Happy dance! I thought you were going to kill him. Another fabulous chapter and I'm not just saying that because of what you said! Honestly though, you took what seemed to be a hopeless situation and turned it into something fabulous. This story and it's predecessor have both been fantabulous. You write so well and make your characters so real that we all get upset when they are and happy when they are. You just make your stories so real and make them interesting to read. You keep us guessing and use your talent to the absolute maxium though I happen to believe that you have boundless amounts of talent in that brain of yours. I like your muse now. I'm not mad at it anymore! This story has become one of my all time favorites and I will most likeyl continue to reread them whenever I feel like it. You have such skill and I can't wait for the Epilogue. I've been a scary reader and checking everyday for an update. I'm obsessed! I absolutely can't wait for the epilogue to come out so yay! they're al alive! I am wondering though when the epilougue will take place... Future or next day or week... hm O well. I don't care when it is! It'll be just as great as everything else. Catch ya at the next chappie! or ending chappie I guess... I'll shut up now and let you write your epilogue!
8/8/2003 c16 32Cryptic Insanity
8/8/2003 c16 NightBlossom
YAY! YAY! YAY! I'm so happy he was alive! I was getting so pissed when I thought he was dead, and then he jumped up and jumped on Raina and I was like who! For a second, when Raina kissed Normrak while Taile and Cali still thought he was dead, I thought they were gonna have some smart-ass comment about necrophilia...blegh...anyway, great job! CONGRATULATIONS! When Normrak says he loves Raina, it seemed a bit weird for him to say that, but then once I thought about all that he went through with her, it makes sense so i was really happy. GREAT JOB! WHO!
8/8/2003 c1 NightBlossom
hey i was just reading ur summary for this story and u said u still needed a new title. Well, i got some ideas that popped into my head. Like, the 1st story was called The Game. Maybe the 2nd story should be Winners&Losers, or something like that. Or, you can just keep this title Game II. Sounds good.
8/6/2003 c15 Emerald
NO You can't kill Normrak! well i guess you can, but still...*glares at ur muse* stupid little thing. Only one more chap? that's so sad...And thank u for the happy b-day and the song even if it was off key. I'm finally fifteen *jumps up and down* lol Oh yah, i play clarinet in band, and sometimes piano in jazz band. I also play the violin, and i'm learning guitar and drums. Can't u tell i'm trying to make a one person band?*smiles wryly* And i wish i could've read this on my b-day too, but my o so wonderous parents wouldn't let me get on the computer. *sigh* I will have to hurt and torture ur "muse" if it kills Normrak. lol i mean Normrak is like on of the best characters ever. *falls on knees begging* So pretty pretty please don't kill him! Well until the next chapter. c yah
8/5/2003 c15 18flying blind
You are gonna kill normrak? why why would you do that? please dont that he's so special. Just find a cure for the dang bullet, cause . . .i say so. Lol um yeah ok moving on.

Awe Normrak and Raina; so seweet, and so tastefully done. =)

You are seriously cruel to finish this chapter the way you did but i can see why you did. I loved the chapter overall. Its an awesome story.

please update soon, i really want to know what happens.

It's kinda sad theres only one more chapter. . . =(

Ohh pirates of the caribbean, loved that movie. I'll second your yay for captain Jack Sparrow ;o)

Um yeah Don't Kill Normrak! i want him to live i'm not ashamed of that little fact. . ok i'm going now
8/4/2003 c15 krazy cutie chic
ur killing normrak? are u CRAZY?

yes yes u r...

i hope u update really soon, i wanna no wwhat happens!

8/4/2003 c15 Dark Auro
hey wut up i cant believe u did dat

u do realize now dat if normrack dies ur gonna get beat up or mayb even killed by a mob of angry readers. LOL

ne wayz this chapter was sentinmental yet a bit humarous at de same time plz say dat ur gonna riter nother sequel plz plz plz

kk latez hope dat u update son i hope dat u enjoyed POTC cuz i noe i did
8/4/2003 c15 3Forrest Nymph
PLEASE don't let Normrak die. I don't care about Raina, she can die.Just not Normrak*eyes full of tears*.
8/4/2003 c15 ski1118
Aye no! If you kill Normrak, dear God I don't know what I'll do... Please, please, please don't kill him! If this is like, punishment for not reviewing the past few chapters I'm sorry! Just don't kill Normrak, he's too important, he's too special... he's too, him! You just can't. I will be pissed at you forever. And arg, what a place to end a chapter! So not fair, so not right. You're cruel, you know that? Lol... anyhow. *sigh* Seriously, you can't kill the main character, that'd just be bad. I did like the reappearance of Cali and Taile though. Job well done. But a poisoned bullet. *shakes head* It's just not right.

So, you saw Pirates of the Caribbean? I've seen in 3 times so far and loved it more and more each time. (I am the biggest Johnny Depp fan ever.) Oh... and I bet you didn't stay through the credits, did you? Well, if you didn't, than you have to go see it again. And sit through the credits next time, there is another ending. Well, a thirty second ending, but still! It leads you to believe that there is going to be a sequel! Muhahahaha. So yeah, go see it again! I'm going to... wow, yeah, I really love that movie. Lol. Well I'm off. Can't wait for the next chapter, and the Feral interview. What is to become of the child I wonder if both of your main characters die? See, look at the predicament you would cause there! So ha! You can't kill either of them off! Sorry~ ahem. I will be going now...
8/4/2003 c15 Iris
OMG, Normrak can't die! I think you're muse is being evil, therefore, if Normrak dies, your muse must also. I'm sure you can find a new muse, anyway. Lol. Anyway, this was a great chapter. Lots of action and excitement and great writing (as usual). I knew Cali wouldn't kill Raina. And where did that last assassin come from? And why did you stop the chapter where did? My hands were clucthing at my chest as if I was having a heart attack from that lovely cliffhanger at the end of this chapter! And only one chapter left! *gasps shockingly* Ok, I'm rambling now, so I'll stop. I hope you update soon! :D
8/3/2003 c15 Qutieslave
wow way to cool to stop a story hikshiks update soon pls
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