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12/22/2010 c1 Jose7

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11/26/2003 c14 4Julie Terate
This is going on my favorites list! That was a good intense! Wow! I'm speechless! You should write more of this. Brilliant!
11/25/2003 c1 Julie Terate
ITs GREAT! finish up your thoughts and it would be even better! Loved it !
10/9/2003 c2 21red-nail-polish
wow, this is sad.
10/7/2003 c1 red-nail-polish
This is really wonderful! I had been aching for a good story to immerse myself in, and I've found it! This is lovely, lovely, lovely! I'll put it on my favourites!
9/21/2003 c1 4Sakarea
I like it so far.
9/14/2003 c14 7silver coins


definitely! make a sequel :) if there is more to read, i cannOT wait to read it!
9/13/2003 c14 Danielle
V. V. V. Good! Can someone explain the ending though? I'm a tad confused! But I really enjoyed it, first story that I've sat down and read for 2 hours. =)
8/27/2003 c1 232karmakaze
This is incredibly good, I don't know why you think it sucks. It's such a well planned out plot, I definately liked it!
8/4/2003 c1 MattyBoy
I liked the way most of it was in first person, very cool
8/3/2003 c2 The Grammar King
Hmm... so far, creepiness factor high. You aren't quite sure if the main character is insane or if it's really happening... no major cheese yet, I mainly am reviewing to point out a major error: In Chapter 1, the main character has a narcolepsy (or whatever she believes it is,) attack in the shower, and when her dream ends in Chapter 2, she "goes to the bathroom". That's redundant as she's already in the bathroom. Just thought I'd point that out.
7/28/2003 c5 7Mirime
it iz a very good storie! I will read da rest soon. There r a few cheesy partz, but who doezn't have those? Anywayz, luv it n keep riting!
7/24/2003 c1 Mirime
I like how you decided to go into the different minds of disturbed girls (abused and insane...lyke ur summary says). It's an interesting subject to rite about. I was about to say that you should have told what you saw in the girls dream, but then i read " I didn't bother to even see what they were, for fear of being sick." So, that's a good sentence paragraph. It'll make people actually try to imagine what dead things could be there. You're description of the scenery is very vivid, which I like. I also like the fact that you explain the emotions ot he character very well also. It makes me feel as if I was the person in the story. "I was never sure exactly when He appeared." Just a thought...He could be in quotations. "I went to the bathroom to take a shower and peered into the mirror. My face was different. Definitely different. Something was wrong with it; it looked more vibrant than usual. Usually I had plain shoulder-length dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Now I had bright, flashy olive eyes and bright chestnut hair. I muttered an obscenity and shut the bathroom door. I wondered if my mother had noticed that." Wow, a little suspense to keep the reader into it. Ok, yeah, mah review iz extremely long. Well, i'll continue to read without so many reviews. lol. It's an exellent storie. So descriptive...And ders something i dun c a lot in stories...it's written in first person, which always makes the reader fall into the story. Hm...reminds me kind of a diary. Well, i have to go. bie!
7/6/2003 c14 25midzen
No! Bastard Sampson...Grr...oh well...people named Celeste aren't fun. (I'm sorry to all of you out there who're named Celeste! I don't mean to be mean to you, just the one Celeste I know is mean-ish). Anyway, great story! Keep up the great writing.
7/6/2003 c14 1KafPoe
o, how creepy. you definately need to write a part 2. ^_^
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