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for Shakespeare Rewritten Via Doctor Suess

10/17/2003 c1 orangefreak33
I couldn't hear all that well off the vid at school, so it was nice to read the actual lines. Makes me want to dig up some actual Dr. Seuss.

In a few of the lines the rhythem is a bit off, it's a little harder to read.
9/23/2003 c1 1Duece of Spades
Naw, it doesn't suck at all.

I love your made up words! I thought that if Dr. Suess *had* tackled Shakespeare, it's a reasonable facsimilie of what would have transpired in his head. ^_^

I'm very impressed with your skill and talent!
6/18/2003 c1 52Liviania
Shakespeare is rolling in his grave...and that is a very good thing.

Go Dr. Seuss!

6/16/2003 c1 9Magentian
Hmm... that was weird. It didn't really have much of a steady rhythm, and I think that's mostly what threw me off. That, and the big (BIG) nonsense words. Did Seuss have that many sizable nonsense words in his poems? It'd make it really hard to read aloud. It was still pretty accurate for style, though, which was, I guess, what you were going for. No offence, I just like your other poems much better! ^_^
3/4/2003 c1 RainShadow2005
Hi, I just noticed that you reviewed my work, and I always return the favor by reviewing a work or two of my reveiwers' (I get so little of them that I have the time to do so, lol). I was chuckling the whole way through this piece. It sounded just like Dr. Seuss. This was very entertaining. By the way, I do the clicking of links to reviewers' sites too. Great way to find other writers, although not all of them are worth reading. This piece was and it made my day.

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