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4/25/2003 c31 Midnights Sorrow
That was so adorably sweet. I love it! I am so glad this chapter was longer. Your writing really draws me into the story. I hope you continue!
4/22/2003 c31 Dallis

i love it! it is so good! you have great talent in writing. please write more i want to know what happens!
4/22/2003 c31 Star76
This is a brilliant story, absoloutly amazing. Well done, and I hope to read mroe soon.

Can you email me at when the next chapter come out. Don't worry if you can't. It is just otherwise I'll forget to read it.
4/20/2003 c31 44ELR07
Omigod ... sexy ... and it seems so familiar... love the silky black hair ...please write more... come review some of my stuff... loved it
4/20/2003 c31 youtickledmepink
you're such a good writer...and this story is really cute

4/20/2003 c31 50selectclientele
aww he is *so* cute! I love it how you update so often! It's fantastic!
4/19/2003 c31 30promiscuous girl
Wow, this story is intense and wonderful. It shows the meaning of forbidden love and its risks. Please update soon, I can't wait!

4/19/2003 c31 touched
hmm...she didnt need 2 tell her friend..but i guess it is better that she did..it is cute how he is so positive...write on
4/19/2003 c31 4Li-Guinto
I luv it. Its great!
4/18/2003 c31 2Colomba Di Mattina
Beautiful..Just Beautiful! I loved it, the way he was sure about not taking advantage of her. It was completely wonderful and I would LOVE to read more of this story!
4/18/2003 c31 2BigRed-2006
Fantastic. Please put the next chapter up soon.
4/18/2003 c31 bloodythorns
Ohh that chapter was intense. i love the new chapters so much. thank you for updating. Please write more and updater soon.
4/18/2003 c31 3purple sea
Good chapter!
4/17/2003 c30 2Colomba Di Mattina
When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie... that's amore. When the world seems to shine lke you've had to much wine that's amore! Dean Martin. Gotta love that man. Anywho, I love the story, it's cool! It's just dreamy.. That's the best way to describe this story. I can't WAIT for more!
4/17/2003 c30 1Greener-with-the-scenery
Well, I'm glad Serena told Aurora. And the kind of reaction she had sort of makes sense. But I think I'd support my best friend. Even if they did get hurt, that's just a part of love, I guess...

Anway, update soon!
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