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7/21/2006 c43 2Lexi Elizabeth Walker
that's really really sweet. i'm assuming that this happened to you, because of the last chapter, and the last two words of the closing credits. i think teacher/student relationships can happen, but i'm not nessassarily for it. i'd explain in detail, but i've been on the computer long enoguh and i have to go.
5/16/2006 c43 jor
so the carecters are real but the story isn't im so cunfused
5/16/2006 c41 jor
oh god this is so sad i want to kill aurora
5/15/2006 c27 jor
i love it so much please never stop writing
5/15/2006 c20 jor
i love it so much im so happy
5/1/2006 c42 notcoolenuff2bme
I LOVE this story! you are an excellent writer, keep it up. Can't wait to read the sequel! In fact, I have it opened right now =)
3/26/2006 c43 L
Truly a wonderful, heart-wrenching story.

Though, I'm curious.

Is this story autobiographical?

Was it you?
1/15/2006 c43 yve galang
this was the best story i've read in a long while..i would like to ask, this might be personal but..did this really happen to you? i'll leave my e-mail add. and wait for your reply..please do..cause i maybe am actually in the same situation as this story..thank you.
9/20/2005 c43 deadlyanger
WOW the ending (although sad) was amazing. All that they lived everything they went throught! It is the best stories i have read in fiction press. Your writin style is excellent and unique. I look foward to reading the rest of ur pieces of writin!
9/11/2005 c1 2LenaeStarr
i love this fic. i started reading it again. lol
4/28/2005 c43 elene
this was a very well written story. was on the verge of tears. but it is very realistic. teacher/student relationships don't last. i liked the ending. left a lot to think about. the many what-ifs with a reassurance that they may still end up together in the near future. but i guess it's the unpredictable-ness (for lack of better terms) that makes it really good.
4/19/2005 c22 Neko of the Blossoms
i love this! its so sweet! i love forbidden romance stories so this is like a dream come true!
4/17/2005 c43 5BlueAki
i truley and deeply enjoyed this story. in a sense, i know how serena must feel and it's true, love is blind and it hurts alot. this was really great and i'll be sure to read more of your wonderful stories.
3/18/2005 c42 tears
whatswithe the ''*'' all the time dont do that they give me a headache
11/12/2004 c1 Ephemeral Seraphim
Woo, I'm sorry that I haven't reviewed in a while, with all this school work going around and all. Besides, it's kind of intimidating to have so many stories with lots of chapters on them. However, I guess that this shouldn't excuse me from reading such wonderful and fascinating writing! Wow, I should've read this sooner! I think that the plot is very interesting, although it seems to be deceptively simple. I've only read up to this chapter thus far, but I'll try to read more when I get the time. I think that this has a lot of promise, and as always, that unique and phenomenal writing style of yours. I think that this is a refreshing strange from the supernatural things that you write since it is a more realistic type of fic (though I've loved your supernatural stories to bits and pieces, I did) and to tell you the truth, it's hard for me to get hooked on a realistic fic. However, your lyrical prose allures me into this parallel world that you've created, and I think that the emotions were evoked wonderfully through here. Your harbor immense talent that is worthy of one of the great writers. Thank you for reviewing one of my various pieces, which I cough up once in a while. I know that it takes me a long time to update a particular story, but right now, I've been working with Destined more than my other stories. It's now five chapters long, going onto six. An accomplishment for me! I know, it probably isn't much for you, because you whip out tons of these masterful pieces that surpasses my writing skills. I'm honored that someone of your status considers my talents as something pleasing to your eye. That alone has made my day, and your wonderful compliments as well. Anyway, with all the eloquence I have left can't give this piece justice. I know I can expect nothing less from you, and your writing style will have likeable characters and beautiful prose. All in all, I have to say that the piece will be pure perfection. My only suggestion I'd give to you is contact a publisher. Correction: watch out for publishers, because they will be coming to you. You should feel very proud that you've constructed a beautiful piece of work and finally slapped the 'finished' label on it. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll ever come to that point *sigh* But on the bright side, it's talented writers such as yourself that inspire me to write. As always, I'm awed by the sheer amount of talent that you possess, and you'll be a worshipped source of inspiration for me. Keep on writing and inspiring me with your words. Au revoir, mon amie.
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