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8/14/2004 c43 2Singoalla
to make my tears stop falling i've desided...they meet again 5 years later and they find that they never stoped loving, they marry and live happily ever after, so there. thats what realy happend, atlest im my alternative universe, and there is no way that im gonna snap out of it.
Btw, you are a great writer, there are not many ppl who can make me cry from just reading...thank you
7/12/2004 c43 Arika Blake
WOW... That's al i can say about this. It's just...Wow! I totall felt the pain and heartbreak at the end... OUCHIE ! I hope like hell that this is *fictional* as in you didn't have to go through the pain. But i'm all for Teacher-Student realationships (And often wished i was in one with...thats off topic tho...) i get how you can fall for someone who's a teacher ::Raises right hand:: BEEN THERE ! And it hurt like hell to know everyday you gotta go into that class and to know that no matter how much you feel for him there is nothing you can do. I wasn't as lucky as serena, I feel for the one the had a pretty wife and 2 cute kids ! Talk about hell. Any how, i am going to read every story you put out about Teacher-student relationships! I think you are awesome ! Have *you* considered publishing ? You'd have to edit a bit and perhaps write alttile more but really it can't get nuch better ! Well i am going to shut up and go read another one of your awesome storys (If there are any) lol!
6/20/2004 c43 littlemisslei
Wow. Wow. Wow. How many more times? Wow. Unlike most stories, this wasn't rushed or anything. Every kiss brought an intensity that only some writers can dream of putting into their stories. Such a lot of respect for you.
5/30/2004 c43 Agathy
Hey there! I got the link to the sequel to this story from Siberia1's profile, and I decided to check it out because I'm writing a story that's, well, sort of anti-teacher x student relationships. It's called "Obstructionism," in case you ever feel bored and reading something new...and different. So, even though this topic isn't exactly my favorite, I really liked how you characterized Alejandro. You didn't place the entire story in Serena's point of view, and you let us know that he was a human. Still, (and this is just constructive criticism!) I think that you should have given Christopher a larger part in the story...made him more of an obstacle, et cetera. And the same with Aurora; it seemed that she was just a minor character until, all of a sudden, she started talking to Alejandro and had this huge influence on his final decision to leave...I just think that the story would have been much more plausible if you had shown us how influential she was earlier on, or something like that. She just seemed to be the villain- which I didn't really like, because I see things the way she does. But don't get the wrong idea, I liked this story! It's not every story that can keep me reading 43 chapters straight through. Nice job =) And I'm sure your writing has improved as a whole since you finished this, so I'll start reading your sequel.
5/26/2004 c43 r-sparkle
I knew from the very first chapter that the story would end like it did. But I still have tears in my eyes. Chapter 41... forty one will remain forever a significant number to me. I cried so much, i realised so much, and i felt so much.
You're a fantastic writer.. a real life Serena... with her real life Alejandro. There is no way anyone can describe the love you feel in circumstances like this unless you've felt the love yourself. You described it perfectly..
Thankyou for a magnificant story. I think it made my life a little bit better.
5/16/2004 c3 11KaorinSakura
And then the news hits. New teacher and a class she didn't want. Loving the story thus far and I hope it doesn't take to long for me to read it. I want to read the sequel as well.
5/16/2004 c2 KaorinSakura
Well, gotta hand it to ya. Your one hell of a writer as the hundreds of reviews to this story and its seguel hinted. The nice shy little girl going off into the world of life changing events. Don't we all hate those, especially the ones that only take a second to happen? Well, some of them anyway.
5/16/2004 c1 KaorinSakura
Just started reading this, pretty good so far. A nice short chapter to start off the story leaving many questions in my head. This I like and I like it because it makes me want to read more.
4/17/2004 c43 3GreenVixen
hey i really like this story. its has such a bitter sweet ending tho i was wondering if u cud just for kicks i don't know write a secual when serena gets outa collage and maybe ,meets up with alejandronad the hit it of agaim or sometin i dont know i really hate that they dont get together in the end. nut one things for sure im putting this story on my fave list. and i also hope u nevr stop writing cusz u really got talent. also just to tell u this really made me cry likereally. typing this know my eyes r like all puffy and red from crying threw the last couple of chappies oh well i g2g and other works done by u cta chio amigo!
4/11/2004 c1 8DidntCryOnce
Wait wait wait. I just came to my senses, it's not, right? I mean, firstly this is FICTIONpress.com and secondly you said this was your first attempt to a "realistic FIC"...ah...anyway, email me anyway.
4/11/2004 c43 DidntCryOnce
Wow. I'm speechless. I'm in tears. I mean, if theres one thing I learned from this story is that if you're a minor, don't even think of falling in love with someone over the age of 18...right? It'll save a lot of heartbreaks later on..ha..ha..
No, but really. This story changed the meaning of "Love Conquers All". 'Cause in a way, love did conquer all in this story. But for the bad. I mean, Alejandro loved Serena so much that he wanted her to live a normal life. Serena, to me, understands him in a way but feels that he's not listening to what SHE's saying. It's crazy, really. All stories, fiction or nonfiction, either end tragically, happily, or heartbreakingly. And I feel that this story ended all ways.
Heartbreakingly- We all know why it was heartbreakingly...they we're both destroyed emotionally. We thought or hoped it would end the best way possible, but it didn't.
Happily- Well, we know they still love each other. We know that he did what he did for her happiness. But we also know that he broke her heart, which brings me to my next word..
Tragically- Their love for each other destroyed them; killed whatever they had.
In all honesty, if it hadn't have been for Aurora, this story would have turned out excitingly happy. But Aurora is there, here, and the story turned out excitingly devastating. You created a brilliant, wonderfully thought out story.
"And lastly, I would like to dedicate this story to the true Alejandro . . . *my* Alejandro. "
That line...it may just be me, but is this a true story? If it is..PLEASE...let me know!

4/11/2004 c41 DidntCryOnce
My God...I'm in friggen tears. You...made me cry! Stupid chapter! Stupid Aurora! *sigh*..Shape up Steph. Shape up.
4/7/2004 c42 169Siberia82
Gosh, that broke my heart. I felt a lot emotion while reading this story. One of the best teacher/student stories I've read on this site. Two thumbs up! b^_^d
2/20/2004 c43 romance addict
I think that there should be one more chapter, an epilogue. Set ten years or so later, that would have been a nice ending. I know that 'happily ever afters' don't always happen. But I still like them better than a ending that leaves me hanging or a tragic ending.
Your ending was nice, but to me it seemed almost unfinished. I'm not sure, that's just how I felt.
I love the story by the way, I started it in this morning and I couldn't get away. Okay, that's all from me!
2/12/2004 c4 Siberia82
Oh, so Vida isn't acting so strange after all. Ar first, I thought he was almost hitting on Serena by wanting to read her poetry, but now I see that he's seeking a form of intimacy that is non-existent in his marriage. Very clever of you.
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