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2/10/2004 c3 169Siberia82
You have a great story going so far. I can't wait to read more (unfortunately, school's in the way *grumbles*). Wow, there are so many things that are happening all at once; I wonder how you're going to resolve everything. Oh, and I laughed at the line, "It wasn’t like he was a bad thing to look at." Hee hee hee! Attractive teachers are always a fascinating topic, although Vida seems really cold and strange.
What I find a little shocking is how did this guy earn his PhD at age 24? Is he a genius or something? Where I live, most people obtain their Bachelor's degree at age 22, if not older! And there's still a Master's degree to complete before they can move on to a PhD!
P.S. I have a professor-related story called "Unravel", if you're curious. It would mean a lot to me if you could at least check out the first chapter. Please? :)
12/16/2003 c43 bumblebee-tuna
holy shit, this is so incredible. i dont get weepy over stories. i dont consider myself to be a particularly "emotional" person. but this story had me in near tears. you're an awesome writer.
the ending tho! gorsh, the ending! not to say i wish you'd changed it. it wouldnt have been the same story without the ending, but...man! it was so sad! anyways tho:D awesome, stupendous, incredible, amazing, and all those other synonyms for fucking great. im off to search for more of your works:D buh-bye
11/11/2003 c43 2Etheral suicide
oh my god...your a geinus...

This stroy is kinda like my grandma's.

But she ended up marrieing and giving birth to 6 living(1 stillborn) children.

My grandpa was her biology teacher 10 years older then her. The story is very cool...but why couldn't they be happy? it worked for my grandparents in the 40's
10/27/2003 c43 karui
Well done... can you write an aleternate ending for all us sappy romance fans out here? :)
9/26/2003 c43 25suicidel angel
i'm not going to deny that i hate the ending, but the story was fabuous! i can usually never stay to a story, but yeah somehow the ending was really depressing (maybe coz i;m depressed!)
7/13/2003 c43 Panther2k
Sniff. Unbreak My Heart say you love me again, i just wanted to say that song ran through my head as i read the finishing chapters. Thank you for the increadiable (i know i spelt it wrong) story. I think you acheived the desired effect to the readers as i was on the edge of crying. I will conclude this review saying, this story must come very close to your heart as your note suggests that you had a true love that left for you...
7/6/2003 c43 12saicho-18
oh gods. thank you so very much for writing a teacher/student affair. there are hardly any good ones these days. anyways, great work on this story.. haven't read the sequel yet, but be sure that i will.. maybe next week. kudos to you and i hope the sequel will have a happy ending..

saicho_18 : slytherin ^-^
6/25/2003 c43 Luna Llena
OhMyGod i don't think i've ever cried so much with a story. It realy touch my heart and gave me a new site about the things around me.

You are a wonderful writter. and i'm realy hoping for a sequal on the subjet, that maybe "someday" may actualy come soon .

Luna LLena. =^.^=

OOh and while i was reading this story i was listening to a song that just stuck with it. the name is: 10,0Miles By: Mary Chapin Carpenter.
6/24/2003 c43 cindy
it's a great story... too bad for the sad ending but i guess that's the way it would have ended if it was read.. great language used throughtout.. it made me cry n i was touched by their love, so strong n pure.. it's a great story..i don think i'll ever forget it
6/24/2003 c43 cindy
it's a great story... too bad for the sad ending but i guess that's the way it would have ended if it was read.. great language used throughtout.. it made me cry n i was touched by their love, so strong n pure.. it's a great story..i don think i'll ever forget it
6/18/2003 c43 30quietdrama22
This story was one of the best ones that I have read. You combined the emotions perfectly, and you made me feel like I was in the story. The story also had a realistic ending, the poems/songs were good, and you also proved that sacrificing love is not romantic but something that has to be done. I am just speechless

Anyways, you have a talent, keep writing.

: )
6/17/2003 c43 28Yami Scribe
This story was wonderfly bitter but at times wonderfully sweet, and for once in my life a book got me to cry. don't stop writing, ever. you have a talent-a gift, write more because this story touched me deeply, more deeply than i belive anything i've ever read. Send this story to a pubilisher, do the world a favor and spred the new aged Roemo and Juilet that this Novel is.

Your fan

6/16/2003 c43 Angel-of-The-Sea
Aw that was a cute story. It was well written . but you should have made them come together in the end

But all in all it was good


6/12/2003 c43 2LenaeStarr
I've been reading this story for 2 days... and I would like to say WONDERFUL JOB! I basically cried like a little bitch. I'm usually don't take love stories... so close to my heart. IT makes me mad... but, when I read this... it was just like, "Wow!"

You are a very good writer. You are writing style and all the emotion you put in your writing is what I want. I always dreamed of writing something like this, but never thought I could do it. You (and other authors) have given me hope and I'm going to do my best.

Thank you and please... never stop writing.
6/10/2003 c28 22All The Three Queens
Wow, this is really, really good! I didn't have time to read all of it yet, but I certainly plan on it!
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