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7/22/2003 c8 37Approaching Autumn
That was an awesome story :D
5/29/2003 c8 4Onigami Nanashi
You killed Daimon! *whimper* can I hurt Ben? That would be nice... but Evan seems pretty cool. Was good stuff...write more!
5/24/2003 c8 7Demeter Rose
Besides complketely agreeing with your judgement of stupid therapists, I like your main caharacter and your basic plot. You asked in your about a sequel. I don't think that this needs a sequel as much as extension between chapters seven and eight. Not necessary a lot, but a bit about Brit's grieving process perhaps. Oh well, I'm proabably sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong.
5/24/2003 c3 Demeter Rose
Quick response: Somebody revoke that therapist's liscene. Idiot! *walks away muttering to read to read the rest*
5/24/2003 c8 39Charcoal Angel
oh i love it! i thought that when damion died all was over, but then there was evan. wot! hahha thankx for reviewing, you gotta start a new story! *dances* i loved it!
5/9/2003 c7 4Onigami Nanashi
Yah! *Tear, tear* That was... well, it would have been really good if it weren't so damn sad... *Whimper* so cruel to these poor people. End it so I can kick Ben's ass...please?

Anyway, great story, and finish soon. please?
5/8/2003 c7 39Charcoal Angel
AH YOU KILLED HIM! this might mean that my damien dies too... i dont know... ahh it was god tho! i love it! por damion. *sniffle* how could you? *dies with him* jk i loved it, nice emotion.


peace, hate, love, war, goth out man
4/14/2003 c6 Charcoal Angel
oh i likes! update soon. i cant wait to see wuts next pleaz update soon!



~#@#~!GOTH OUT MAN!~#@#~
4/1/2003 c5 LACEFACE
3/30/2003 c5 Charcoal Angel
no not him! anyone but him! i luved him! lol. oh halo! woot! keep writing i luv it!
3/29/2003 c4 Charcoal Angel
aw poor damion! i luv him hes just so cute! lol. i luv da goth boys. haha. ttyl. i like this chap. update soon!
3/28/2003 c4 live2rideforever
This is good, i love the main characters, sounds a lot like some of my friends. neways, nice begining, keep it up!
3/27/2003 c3 Charcoal Angel
neato freato! i luv it. cant wait til u update!

3/27/2003 c2 Charcoal Angel
aw thats so sweet. by the way can you email me when *you* update? pretty please?
3/27/2003 c1 Charcoal Angel
Hey. just droppin by to say thanks for the review. i really like your story! im on to checking the next chapter! oh yeah. i updated today. but ill email you too.
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