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for Painful Life

12/27/2005 c1 270SassieC20
Wow! I like this. Especially this line: "I want my skin to taste the knife."

^Greatest line I've heard in a long time. Nice work!

1/9/2004 c1 2Miramony Rayburn
This is a really good poem but i like depressing stuff i like this alot.
10/29/2003 c1 1Cieraheme
This was such a cool poem. I mean... I don't thrive on other people pain... no...
5/21/2003 c1 D Angel
Your story is well written, but i hate it!

You can ignore this, and probably many will, but i have to say this: i hate people who post things like this online, where anyone can read them. This kind of thoughts are not good! People who kill themselves are cowards, they run into dark.

Religion is fake

Maybe priests and rituals are fake, they don't show the real God. And there is a God! HOw can people be so bling and not see Him! Being alive is a proof of God's existance, loving is a proof of His existance... thinking, seeing, having friends or enemies, speaking... Life is a proof of God! How can people be so blind? Sun is a proof of God! But these kind of thoughts are not! You mustnt give in! Life may be hard, but giving up so easily only prooves that you're a coward! You must bear life, until you are meant to die!

Nothins is in vain... in vain are God's great expectations from His children!
3/31/2003 c1 29cut2bleed
This is really good... it's true, I'd rather 'bake' in Hell than sing life's song.. I love the way you use your words and make them rhyme into beautiful meanings...
3/17/2003 c1 96Liebe Sasa
~smiles softly~ Good poem. I have felt this way many a time before, and have come dangerously close to following through with my threats. However a friends words always ring through my head "Only cowards run from their lives..." And thus I stop.

Nonetheless, I love your poem. I think that I shall be keeping an eye on your future works.

@;- Mizery Rose
3/4/2003 c1 18Killjoy
This is definitely one of the better poems I've read so far. I also happen to agree wholeheartedly. If you've got some spare time, I'd love to have your opinion of my (also dark) poetry.
3/3/2003 c1 Static Black
this is wonderful work. i really liek this poem alot, i think its the best one youve written so far! it has so much emotion and feelings that it kind of digs itself into your mind bringing up feelings so much like one ones you put in this poem. good job

3/2/2003 c1 27Life's scar
I really like this poem!

It's sad and stuff.

Keep up the good work!

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