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2/24/2004 c1 10DZ McKnight
You are just so smart it tingles my head.
3/24/2003 c1 Squirrel Girl
That was really well written. It was difiantly a fic that made me think. and you are right about the herd mentality of people. even the home schoolers do it at the co-ops I go too. *sighs* i enjoyed this. great job!
3/2/2003 c1 27Loganberry
I probably missed some of the meanings in here, as to a Brit like me the school jargon might as well have been in Martian! (Hey, we don't even *have* proms in most British schools!) But I did like the restrained and dignified tone of the essay: you got your point across much better than if you'd gone the "it sucks man!" route that so many do.
3/2/2003 c1 1Sawnya
I enjoyed reading your essay. =) I liked how you stood up to the school and wouldn't back down when you wanted to take your friend to the prom. It's sad that society is not much different than it was a hundred years ago, as far as prejudices go. People have taken sophomores, and yes, even freshmen, to the prom ever since proms were created. Groups of people have gone together as friends. Heck, I even went stag twice and just floated around and talked to whoever I knew there.

And don't put yourself down for being fifteen in your class. That is a very good ranking, really; not everyone can get into the top twenty of their class. Depending on how many students there are in your class, that's almost like being among the top ten or fifteen percent. (Of course, I could be wrong, but it's been almost eight years since I've been in high school.)

Good luck in all your future endeavors. Society needs more people like you, even though they don't always know it.

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