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7/11/2003 c1 tsuruchi
this is tsuruchi. to tired to log in, hey i hope you weren't thinking of your man (the beatle or the other one) when you wrote this. This is sadness madness
5/31/2003 c1 34Smoky Bear
beautifully put together... i hate dreams like that...
5/31/2003 c1 22blessed-goddess
O ur so creative! This creates a clear picture
5/22/2003 c1 31Modern Poet
I don't know, I just didn't see clearly what you were explaining-the dream, and the reality.
5/22/2003 c1 Kyalia
"I could be bound into a nutshell..." Nightmares aren't fun. And they're confusing. I like.
5/6/2003 c1 8RavenPhoenix
wow this gave me chills... thnx for the review :)
5/2/2003 c1 9Lonestar Sweetheart
I can totally relate. The poem is hopeless and desperate...almost tragic. It also has this creepy feel to it. Keep us in suspense!
4/28/2003 c1 35triskaidekaphobia
Very powerful, and impressive. Makes an interesting point which I feel I can identify to in a way...
3/28/2003 c1 curiouzkatt
hmm... i ain't a good critic... anyways.. its a dun-dun-dun-dun sorta creepy poem

i like it.

3/23/2003 c1 39Kurare
Wow... that's really nice. ^ ^ I like the line 'the sudden silence hurts my ears.' Great!
3/9/2003 c1 64not sure yet
o, i like it, very well written, and with a creepy ending, nicely done
3/8/2003 c1 100Keep it 100
Very great work! That last line was awesome!

~Heart of the Sword
3/6/2003 c1 39Angelskingarden
awsome, your a great writer!
3/3/2003 c1 Needa S
Awesome! Keep writing.

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