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for Tulips for Alice

7/2/2003 c1 1garza413
ok. ok. so I'm reading your story and i really like it, so I get to the end of the page and move right to go to the next chapter and their ain't none.

What the f* I wan't more story, does she come back or not, does the lady end up writin? Come on, you can't leave me hagin. hit me back when you write more, not a question...got that?
7/1/2003 c1 Syd
6/27/2003 c1 12Random Acts of Authorship
This is excellent - the perfect short story which certainly struck a chord with me. Not quite my life, but rather similar to it.

Anyway I liked it a lot, have no constructive criticism to offer, and am going to put it on my favourites. End of review.
6/22/2003 c1 4MartyMcFlyHasMyShoes
That was fantastic! =) Now I sound goofy. lol. No, seriously, it was really well written and you really got into the characters. Or... you made me get into the characters. So to speak. Well, hopefully that made no sense at all. =p

Anyway, I really enjoyed this!

6/16/2003 c1 2Sangwaelen
That was awesome. I really like

"Her skin is soft, reminds me of a handkerchief a lonely teenage girl might hide away in a trinket box with locks of hair and unsent love letters."

It's nto something most people would think about, because most teenage girls no longer have trinket boxes with locks of hair, or even one love letter. BUT, because the waitress is interested in historical romance, and that sounds quite Victorian era, it ties in extremely well with the characterization.
6/8/2003 c1 13NuttyGummy
This was really good. I love the description.

I think everyone feels discouraged with their writing once in awhile. Keep writing!
6/7/2003 c1 3Leilani
This is really good. I like the character description of Alice; it makes it so easy to imagine her. Also, from the narration you can get a good idea of what the main character is like. Great job!
3/12/2003 c1 8Le Meg
I really like this, not just because it's well written and such, but because I think everybody has a dream that they fantasize about every day, stay up at night thinking about, hoping and planning that their big chance will come. And I'm sure we've all been told to grow up, to stop wasting our time and focus on something really attainable.. So of course, reading something like this helps us all to remember that there will always be obstacles, but we can't let anything get in the way of our dreams. Very inspirational (however corny that sounds), and it makes you wonder where you can find the proverbial old lady (or man) that will set you give you the encouragement you need.
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