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for The Prophecy of the Faerie Hunter

1/10/2004 c2 Trav
can't wait for more of this! i'm gonna systematically got through all you have writen based on the two wroks i've read so far! you're really good.
11/30/2003 c2 star
Why is this story on haitus? It is really good! And why aren't more people reviewing? Well, I hope you aren't put off. Just keep updating! Jilikien is so innocent!
4/10/2003 c2 8Lastlegolife
Good story. Can't wait to read more of your writings!
3/25/2003 c2 7V-45
Whe~! This is fun!

Truciler: Such a pessimistic, brash, arrogant firebrand. I like him. ^_^

One point of note: avoid the "butler-maid" talk. The chat between Algeatus. Prilagena, and Tender comes close to being that. In other words, don't have characters tell other characters what they all already know.

It doesn't flow well, and it's not how people usually act.

Other than that, it was very good and quite fun.

Got me wondering who this Enruoë is...
3/11/2003 c1 V-45
Not bad at all.

Definitely has a bit of a cute streak running through it, the banter between Jilikien and Truciler keeping the story light and springy.

A change of pace from most "fairy tales." Usually, elementals aren't something to be brought in so this brings a fresh perspective to the game.

Like the way you worked in the classic tale beginning, a nice gesture. This shall prove to be interesting.
3/8/2003 c1 8Edana
Wow, you definitely come up with a lot of original ideas, which I find hard when it comes to fantasy. This was an intriguing prologue – clever to start it off like a fairy tale as well, with the story being a very literal fairy tale ^_^ And it’s not often that you find the fairies rather than the humans as the main characters. Anyways, I liked the prologue; the prophecy was intriguing and started making me wonder. Also, I’m glad that the two main characters don’t get on because their bickering lightens the story, providing the humour and making it much less ‘solemn and boring’ than it could have been. Very good ^_^

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