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9/20/2003 c3 I am Gone
You are a super great wroter.I really hope there will be more.
7/6/2003 c3 KS Claw
::nods:: this is looking really good here! Well written, good grammar and excellent story-telling so far ::grins:: will be lookin' forward to see more
6/22/2003 c3 6nynaeve77
I'm enjoying this story so far! The "local color" adds to the story, I think, and it's not too confusing for us non-Brits (at least not for this one, but I read a lot of Pratchett and Gaiman, so that helps...heh) You've done an interesting job of building suspense without making it too obvious or melodramatic. :-)
6/17/2003 c3 13Moonie
Oh...this is really good. Gary has such a mysterious air to this...are you planning to continue it?
5/19/2003 c1 46Moon Eagle Wolf clan
I only skimmed the story but my dau says You are awesome the way you write she is Rain Styorm, I will read yours too thanks for my review
5/15/2003 c3 18Val Mora
What 'Meles' reminds me of is melee... was that intentional? Mer. I do like - it's very... humorously, whimsically British. Needless to say, I'm a politically incorrect American. ^_~ I like this; I'm glad we're starting to get on to the bits where we find out what's actually going on with Gary.

What's Marmite? Is that like Vegimite, only with a different name? o.O

Also, thankies for the alert - 'twas greatly appreciated. ^_^
5/15/2003 c3 20Once in a blue moon
A bit longer than the other chapters, but that's what conversations do. Well written, but conversations tend to drain out the amazing details (see other chapters). I am in no way saying that this has no details - it has plenty - just not as much as the others.

I love the fact that Gary is a slight perfectionist. Also nice to have a little more background on him.
5/14/2003 c3 17VladimirsAngel
Your descriptive powers are practically superhuman, and I bow to you *bows*

Now I'm done with that I can laugh properly at the great humour in this chapter! And oh..that sandwich... *screws up her face in horror*
5/12/2003 c3 Wolfbound

First, let me apologize for the time that it has taken me to review. My life has been thrown alot of uncertainties as of late, and creativity, along with energy has been wasted.

I love the story so far. Not alot of action as of now, but I feel that changing soon. The flow is great, the discriptions are wonderful!

I can't wait for more!

Throw some of those creative juices my way, would you?
5/9/2003 c3 27Loganberry
Actually, Werecat99, it is song-related - from the musical "Oliver!".
5/8/2003 c3 54Werecat99
Ah. I see this title is not song-related. Or is it?

Interesting anti-smoking paragraph. Although I completely agree with Gary's views, something bothered me about it. It felt a bit like preaching. But again, it might just be my cranky mood today.

Great. Now I feel my stomach protesting.

Hehe... I can see his room mates have a vast variety of interests. Nice touch.

Interesting choice for a car. Not like my VW beetle, but still it suits the story.

Interesting typo. I wonder if it is a clue for the things to come.

Overall, I liked this chapter. And I hope the next chapter won't be long now.
5/8/2003 c3 RainShadow2005
I began this third chapter prepared to keep a list, after your warning. So, here are the phrases I'm unsure about along with my shots in the dark at figuring it out:

M1 - Is this a highway?

Banks Bitter - A beer of some sort perhaps?

Marmite - Obviously a spread of some kind, but of what?

A4 paper with a couple of blobs of Blu-tak - A chore wheel or chart?

Bins - The trash?

Hoovering - Vacuuming?

Cold Fusion at Samsonite - I assume some kind of party.

Car park - A parking lot?

Meles - Probably not a local thing, but I can't get a good description in the dictionary of it so that your point could be taken.

Oh, and I too have a mini-fridge in my bedroom. Mine even has a microwave built into it ... lol. By the way, do you know how many pounds are in an American dollar. I just want to get a feel for how much his car was worth.

I don't know what you mean by nothing happens in this chapter. I found it the most interesting of the three so far.
5/8/2003 c3 7Souzou-chan
Another well written chapter LB, you write descriptions very well and thus they set the mood and atmosphere perfectly. You have a good talent for getting the reader to really get into the story, always anticipating stuff and wondering just what will happen next, even to the point where they must wait until you post a new chapter to find out. Very good job!
4/27/2003 c2 20Once in a blue moon
Very realistic.

I like the way you manage to get so much detail into paragraphs and not make it long and drawn out. I often feel that my work might get boring and hesitate to post it for that reason because I am not sure everyone loves detail as much as me.

Anyway, good story, continue soon!
4/26/2003 c1 Once in a blue moon
Quite well written and very intriguing.

You did a great job with the imagery, and most certainly the feeling so far. Please keep it up!

Also, thanks for the review. I really appreciate the truthful insight instead of just "good job" and such. Just to explain, I was commenting on the darker aspect of the werewolf and how this man dreads it because he is treated like a monster - because he is acting like a monster in that form and he does terrible things. Anyway, thank you again, and keep writing!
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