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for Certain Little Things

4/20/2003 c1 6Deirdre Blair
Hmm...I also liked this one. It's actually very true and that's why I liked it so much. Some people (mostly whites) are just like that. But you have to realize that whites aren't always to blame. What I mean by this is black people do some things that could be put as "unfair"... Just note that I am in no way racist. But I'm not blind either...

-Deirdre Blair
4/4/2003 c1 30Lioness Black
I love it. I'm so freakishly white, it's not funny, but you're so right. The other night my Dad and I were talking about the dorky white teenagers who think they're Eminmen wearing FUBU. They don't realize how goofy they look when they think they look so cool.

This is great.
4/2/2003 c1 20Lise HEARTS Alan
Hey this is ur g. This was a very good poem. I know exactly how u feel and I hate that things have to be this way. So many white people are so sheltered and as soon as the see a black person, they write them off as a thief or a thug or whatever. I mean its ridiculous. And there are a lot of things promoting black people as criminals, such as the news. Immediately when a crime is committed, the first thing a white person say would be "It was a black man." and know his description off the top of their head. And that's said becuz there are just as many whites as blacks that do the same things. Its just the whites have to be all conservative and keep everything a secret to keep their image up. I say they need to take that stick out of their ass and realize that they too make mistakes just like we do. They smoke weed and shoot up people and do all the things we do. But like I said, they got sticks up they ass that the can't do that. And I'm not saying this about every white person, cuz my best friend Jessica is white, so u know this is for those who know how they are. Holla at me gurl when u can.
3/28/2003 c1 Iruka Irahara
*winces* owie...that's harsh and powerful...and true...and I hate the fact that it's true...especailly since I am a white...I've seen this be true...although thankfully not in my school or neighborhood...I'd hate to have my family rich though..if so then we'd actually live in one of those neighborhood's where it matters...anyway...I love this poem...absoulutly love it...You captured it very strongly.

3/25/2003 c1 36unexplainedmuse
this was great, and unfortunately very true.

racism is one of the things that pisses me off the most, next to politics.

but hell...they go hand in hand with each other if ya think about it.

if it wasnt for our government in the creation of 'america' being biased arrogant and treating people like crap we mightve had a chance of being fully equal today.

i always look at things from how i feel others look at them, instead of solely my own perspective,

this put perfectly into words how i think many people feel about being on the receiving end of racism.

yes...i am yet another white person.

but the people that this poem is directed towards makes me sick that i have the same heritage as them.

id like to see your views on equalization between the sexes.

you seem like youd have a bunch of opinions on it.
3/24/2003 c1 4DarkestHeart
We all have our flaws. Certain little things can hurt so much. A glance, a word, silence... I like this. keep it up.

3/23/2003 c1 8Stallioness
Again it's another white person but i totally agree with you. That's why i try to be different from that, that might be one reason i'm kind of a freak at school but okay. I agree with everyone else and you that some whites are just ignorant w/e's that need to get a life and take in their surrondings. Good job on the poem keep writing.
3/17/2003 c1 38Lex C
amen. i like this. I know a lot of ignorant white people. i'm not saying all of them are ignorant, many are very sheltered. they do a lot of these things unwittingly and it just annoys the heck out of me. they need to realize and be educated about these certain little things
3/10/2003 c1 Needa S
I am white and I am not racist. I wish we could all get along with each other the way God wants us too. It sure would be a great world! Good job putting this together. Keep writing..
3/9/2003 c1 37Isthischaos
You know, I agree with you. Yeah, so I'm white, but I see these things in the people around me, and it drives me mad! I hate how it's done, even unintentionally.

Tell you what, you've got a way with words! I like this poem, and I'm gonna keep popping up to read the rest of yours!

BTW, thanks for /your/ review!


Angel x.x.x
3/8/2003 c1 9Sweet Chocolate Kisses
Im really glad you wrote that, because i hope people will finally understand the truth. As a white, i know what your talking about. I think it rocked! ^_^
3/7/2003 c1 33CoolGetsCold
It's a poem all right. And even a good one too. Liked your writing style, and especially the "Blacks are the ones that are also stealing something, but its okay to steal our Hip Hop culture from us."-line. Clever. ;)

Rhyming isn't necessary when writing poems, you know. Your own poem is a very good example of how poems can be real good without rhyming.:)


3/6/2003 c1 I-Hope-U-R-Satisfied
Hi. I am white. I TOTALLY understand what you mean and I can see why you have written this, it's obviously a sore spot for you. It's no-ones fault (whites or blacks) racism just exists with mindless people. I hate it, it is one thing I really cannot tolerate. Blergh. I only hope things get better. Maybe you could write a poem about how we are equals, that would be good I think, you obviously have thought deeply about the things you put in this poem I have just read. Well done =)

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