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8/10/2003 c22 4Plateado
As you said, the plot thickens, and thicken it did. That poor Truthbearer person! I was, even if this sounds COMPLETELY stupid, expecting something that was kind of like Snow White. :) I haven't the slightest idea why, but I did, so when you explained what the Truthbearer looked like, I was kinda surprised. Hehe..so now that I have made a fool of myself, I was wanting to know how you knew all of this ship terminology? My own story centers around pirates, so I'm trying to find some good sites that will explain everything to me, but I've found little. Did you just know all this stuff or did you find it on a website? If you did find it in a website or something along those lines, could you maybe give me the site or name of the book? I'm barely scraping by with the information I've got, so if you could help me I would thank you profusely. Thanks for your time!

8/10/2003 c22 7ONEthousandWORDs
This was wonderful! (of course...) and now, i would LOVE to see more! MOREMOREMOREMORE! ... . yes... I am not impatient... or demanding... *coughcough* I DO understand, though... i have problems with being overly busy sometimes as well... and don't write anything except school-ishy stuff for (sometimes) months at a time... makes me sad... Very nice chappy, 'cept you left us hanging... and not just once, but multiple times! the horror!
8/10/2003 c22 The-Mighty-Koshi
*cheers* Slkies! And a truthbearer also! *cheers more* Keep up the great work Scotia Li (seriously, you should get this stuff published or submitted to a contest) Until the next chapter I shall wait.


p.s. Whoot! 254 reviews?
8/10/2003 c22 AnglBabe
To lazy to sign in...

Anyways, I had hoped maybe Tavus would just pop up somewhere when least expected, but hey...

Whats the pearly thingy majigy? Huh, huh, huh? I know you probably won't tell me, but I had to ask.

And whats Sovay up to? I wonder, I wonder, I wonder. Which, of course, is why you have to update as soon as possible.

8/9/2003 c19 Aeitul
Hmm... I'm not entirely sure that Sovay is one of the Children. It'd be easy to believe that she is, but it'd also be easy to believe that she's not. I'm really not sure and I don't want to make any assumptions, because I'll probably be wrong. My intuition says no, though. Still, I'm not making an assumption.

There seems to be a little bit of attraction between Saphra and Jiranor. And I still don't know what to make of him. All I can say is that he doesn't seem too arrogant. I would think that wealthy + Redeemer of the World would equal a very inflated ego. He seems fairly down-to-earth, though.

I liked Saphra's characterization in this chapter. For a while, she was showing her softer side a bit. Then Jiranor had to go and upset her.

Angry-looking cows? Interesting. That description just popped out at me for some reason.
8/8/2003 c21 2BuffLie
Dear god in heaven, I'm finally done. Feels like I've been reading this story for three weeks. But I've enjoyed the journey. When Jiranor walked away I went "aw, crap!" Hee hee. And a love square huh? Keeps getting more interesting.

I dont have alotta suggestions, I could make suggestions about characters, but the holes and mysteries of the characters and plot are most likely intended. Keeps the reader guessing.
8/8/2003 c7 BuffLie
Well hello. I've made it my mission to read this whole thing today. I just wanted to review to let u know that you are confusing the bejesus outta me. Not confusing in the bad way where I just cant read it. I'm sucked in. On to chapter 8...
8/7/2003 c1 5Sivart
no wonder you have so many freaking reviews. This story was excellent and I only read a couple of chapters keep up the good work. Much Props.

8/6/2003 c19 19Karma-of-Chaos
Jaha, forget to add something: Thanks for using horses! I've been riding for 3 or 4 years, and it's wonderful and I love to see them in a story. I must note though, to find a gelding that's that friendly and sweet is uncommon (I'm assuming {ducks flying buckets} that Colbalt is gelding. You are NOT going to find a sweet stallion. And would you name a mare Colbalt?). But hey, it's a story! =D Do whatever you damn well please and have fun doing it! ^-^ If you ever need some tips to make your story more realistic as far as the horse thing goes, just email me!

- Karma (who is now going to eat breakfast...)
8/6/2003 c21 Karma-of-Chaos
It is proof, scotia, that I am addicted to your story: We were having another acursed thunderstorm when the power cut off, and I just happened to be in the middle of chapter 20. Computer died. Extremly terrible tease. And now, after staying awake all night, at 7:30 am, here I am, on my friend's computer, reading your story.

Your story...it's like...artistic crack!


...Early hours...strange effect on mind.

Anyway...I can't believe Jiranor let his harmones get the best of him! JIRY! I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER THAN THAT! Then again, it's all apart of being human, and, more importantly, male. Even if he IS one of the five. And yes, ending WAS sap-cheese. And I loved it. Not ashamed, I am a sap-sucker! Of course, it doesn't work so well in this story...maybe if you toned it down abit. But still! Revel in the rare QM sap! XD

One element that contradicted in my mind: Jiranor is easily swept away by Allela (sp?)'s beauty, but tosses Sapra out like this cold, heartless person. I guess since Allela's nobility and all...but still. If he can be mean to Saph, then he shouldn't be so easily 'undone' by Allela's guiles (guile? all she's got going for her is her beauty...x.x)

It works, but I think you should make it more obvious the reasons why Jiranor can brush her aside and still have the hots for Allela.

Then again, when have you EVER made anything obvious? -.-;

And what the hell happened to Makethran and Sovay?

Darling, you must hurry and recover from your cello injury, your audience eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Keep Writing!

- Karma

PS - Loved the title, but I miss your forgien languages...
8/5/2003 c1 12Robin the Jarbog
This is a great beginning! I'm hooked!
8/5/2003 c21 7ONEthousandWORDs
there is a WHOLE lot of crappy writing on fictionpress.com, and that's what makes the good stories so special! i luv the tortured plot, the confusing relationships, the comments that people make that only make sense in retrospect, when you're at least three chappy's further on! now, WRITE! i love your style, and it's all YOUR fault for getting me addicted to this story... so WRITE! i read the entire thing in one day, despite the fact that i have a bday party to plan, and a house to get semi-clean, so i think i deserve a treat! while cookies are good, and mention in author's note's are nice, what i'm really hoping for is an update... now sounds like a good time to for more story, how about you?

Respectfully begging for more story,

8/5/2003 c2 1Hallindor
This is amazing please write more because I'm hanginmg onto your every word.
8/4/2003 c21 The Highwaywoman
Allella Liallanna of Lenell. Good GOD. Can't we just call her "Alli" or something? ;) Awesome chapter... I hope you're enjoying Rome as I much as I did when I went! I saw all these cute waiters, the sexy Swiss Guard, and a few youthful policemen in those tight shirts. Very nice. Anyway... Write more when you get the chance! The plot thickens! Ciao...
8/3/2003 c16 Aeitul
The plot's getting thicker and thicker... Well, it was pretty much given that the two would meet eventually, but identical twins? But that's not even for certain. So many things to think about, so many possibilities... I absolutely have to read on.

I think it was actually a nice touch that Sovay wasn't so cool. A person can't be calm, cool, and collected all the time, after all. It added depth to her character that she was afraid and distressed. Showing a softer side (even if it was only brief) to Saphra was another nice touch. It truly is nice to see variations in the ways characters act. It makes them seem more believable, more realistic.
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