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7/21/2003 c2 1DragonKnight2k4
Wow, that was cool. I especially like the whole concept of Windriders. The whole race was awesome, well described, good caharacters, can't wait to read more.
7/21/2003 c20 9Magentian
If you hadn't already spoiled the surprise, I would have been shocked speechless at this point... aren't you happy you broke it to me more or less gently? ^_^ This way your review is longer. I have a lot to say about this chapter, anyway, don't worry...

It was kind of a giveaway from the start that this little number would be full of surprises when you threw in that bit about the sun rising in the west at the beginning... but man, I doubt anyone had a clue how many surprises there would be... *smirks* Actually, not all of them were good. There were quite a few typos in this chapter... I'm not going to mention all of them, since you could probably read over it and find them. Mostly, there were a lot of thoughts left unitalicized, etc, etc. Just little stuff, I guess...

Hehe, I like Sovay's token... and how you described Kym as cuddling the teddy bear the way a boa constrictor cuddles its prey before eating it. ^_^ It was also kind of odd, the way that Saph was so regretful of her assumption on Jir's superior attitude... she usually seems so... not unfeeling, that's not the right word. Well, rather cold, in the loosest sense of the word. But, on occasions, she really shows a different side of herself, and that was definitely one of those times. It makes her that much more believable, and likeable. ^_^

This IS a long review, hmm? Oh well, I guess I'll cut it short, for now... my apologies! See you next chapter!
7/21/2003 c20 The-Mighty-Koshi
*claps* Wonderful chapter! *hands over teddy bear* I loved this chapter and the thriller at the end. Very excellent! Keep up the sensational work!

7/20/2003 c20 3fafnir
oh. my. dear. god.

7/20/2003 c20 4Plateado
Good chapter, and I'm glad you had fun in Italy! I want to go there someday...*sigh*
7/20/2003 c20 1Orion Phoenix
Simply put, this is a great story. But I'm sure that you don't need to be told that. I can't wait for your next chapter, which I'm sure will be just as good as the rest. Update soon.

7/20/2003 c20 3korakane
Long chapter. Interesting. What part of Italy are you in? My dad's from Italy, and has taken me to Rome, Catania (Sicily), and Venice.
7/19/2003 c20 3letylyf
This chapter was one of your better ones. I found the adventure to the treasury really fun, and his parents very interesting and annoying too lol. I like the changing of the POVs and was kept very into the story the whole way. Italy must have been good for you ;)
7/10/2003 c15 6Belle the Shadow-Cat
Hey, SO sorry for the late review.

OMGOSH . . . Sovay and Saphra finally meet each other! err kinda i suppose. *blinks* this is going to be intersting. And i guess we all knew this would happen someday, it get's kinda hard switching veiwpoints over and over to different characters all the time. I wonder what will happen now. Sovay will probably wonder what the heck is goin' on. I know i would. It's always said that someone has a twin somewhere . . .

7/6/2003 c19 4Crazygurl70
WHE! I so seriously am in LOVE with this ficcy!
7/5/2003 c10 3korakane
Have you thought of getting this published? 200-something reviews might be a bestseller.
7/3/2003 c2 Karma again
Ah letly, you assume! Shame! Like I said, I'm not convinced. = P And you spelled hilarious wrong, darling. ;) Not meaning to be snobby...I get weird late at night. Amen @ LuvLuvG...Christians are all those things, especially southern ones. (I would know. *sweatdrop*)Catholics aren't much better. (I would know this too...-.-") It's almost enough to push me to atheism. Almost. I still believe in God and Angels. ( both good and bad ) ;)

Argh...I hadn't meant to write two reviews...it must be the spell you have woven Scotia, it certainly has all your readers intranced. ^o^


- K.
7/3/2003 c19 Karma i'm about to jet so no point in signing in
Ah, Rome must be lovely. But, onto the review, which will be short due to the fact I have to go to bed and I am watching the Karate Kid (gotta love the soundtrack! =D). I am still not convinced Sovay is the lost girl, she could still be a fake. . I've been reading your work far too long to start making assumptions now, chica. And tensions arise between the two children...in the great words of Valdimir, 'An unspoken attraction?' Could be! Oh, this is simply delicious. And Makethran remains shroudded in mystery, as do many of your creations. I cannot wait! Hopefully the two-weeks will magically disappear. ;)

Keep Writing! (we are all simply on the edge of our seats for you to do so, darling!)

- Karma
7/3/2003 c19 3letylyf
very cool.. what does the title mean? I bet all your reviewers are going to be asking that so why did I just bother lol. mm, Rome, I'm jealous. Never been there, sadly.

Anyway yeah we all knew Sovay was one of the five, didn't we? lol. I love how you're making the relationship between Jiranor and Saphra so far! I mean, I still want her to get with that one WindRider from earlier chapters, the one who she *thought* fell and died, but Jiranor is very cool too. I like the business with the barbarians. Halarious. Looking forward to seeing Sovay take out the fortress.

So I'll be patiently waiting :)
7/3/2003 c19 Beautiful Sinner
Great chapter! Like how the think each other is a prick. Very beautiful. Lol, home your trip is fun! Good work.
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